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Celebrity Secrets that Only a Housekeeper Would Know

We live in a society that is obsessed by celebrities. So many of us dream of meeting our favorite celebrities in real life because of the way they are portrayed in the press. But what are they really like in real life? When it comes to getting to know what your favorite VIPs are really like, there is perhaps nobody better to divulge their deepest, darkest secrets than a Hollywood housekeeper or personal assistant. Anybody who is anybody in the world of celebrity will undoubtedly have their own housekeeper or assistant. In this list you will find out which celebrities have bad habits, are horrible bosses, the biggest divas and who is a complete delight to work with. Oh, the joys of being a celebrity personal assistant! If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors then read on while these housekeepers dish the dirt on their famous bosses, revealing the good, the bad and the ugly…

Carrie Underwood

For those who know her, Carrie Underwood looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She certainly does a good job of acting sweet while in front of the cameras. In real life, however, or for those who work with her, the singer can be very cold-hearted.

Credit: Glamour.com (Pinterest)

Although Carrie has actually admitted that she can be moody, it hasn’t stopped her from throwing around nasty comments and insults when backstage. Reports say that she tends to snub other celebrities and doesn’t even have much time for her fans. 

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for doing things her own way and being a little eccentric at times. So it’s no surprise that her collection of pets isn’t your typical one cat and two goldfish situation. The singer is known to be an animal lover and is an advocate for animal welfare, which explains why she has so many pets.

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Cyrus is said to have several dogs, cats, and even a pet pig that she loves to cuddle up with. Although this is lovely, and it’s great that these animals have found a loving home at Miley’s, things can get messy if the animals are not house trained. Miley’s staff say that it’s like a petting zoo and that the animals go when and where they like. Imagine the cleanup job!

Megan Fox

It’s easy to forget at times that Megan Fox settled down young and now has three children with then-husband, Bryan Austin Green. Even though she has often been portrayed as a sex symbol throughout her career, family life is what Megan is all about.

Credit: 9gag.com

Fox is quite the hands-on parent and is actually a strict mom. She makes all three of her children clean their own rooms, rather than letting the housekeeper do the job. The actress has reportedly stated that she wants her children to learn how to do things for themselves so that they don’t rely on other people. This is great, don’t you think?

Jessica Simpson

There’s a common misconception that being a celebrity and having lots of money makes staying in shape and looking good much easier. However, if Jessica Simpson is anything to go by, it seems fame and money doesn’t buy good hygiene! The singer has made it a daily habit of not brushing her teeth.

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Simpson has a rather odd alternative method of brushing her teeth. The singer and actress only brushes her teeth three times a week. In between brushing days, she is said to wipe them with a rag or piece of cloth when she doesn’t pick up her toothbrush.

Charlize Theron

After reading some of these secrets about stars who are rude and demanding with their employees, you’d think it would be better if celebrities just didn’t have any contact with their staff at all. Charlize Theron’s staff may not agree.

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Theron does not like to communicate with her employees. One former housekeeper said that the actress didn’t want staff speaking to her or making eye contact. This is probably why her employees find it easier to leave written notes around the house for her to read and reply to in the same format. 

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is often perceived as a natural beauty. Her makeup is minimal, and her hair looks as though it’s often left au natural. We may wonder how she manages to stay looking so fresh-faced in her 50s, but it’s a little known secret that she’s not that well, fresh!

Credit: Vogue.co.uk (Pinterest)

The Pretty Woman actress doesn’t prioritize personal hygiene and washing. According to her housekeepers, she’s not all that bothered about keeping clean. She will happily skip showering for days on end and regularly chooses not to bathe altogether.

Christina Aguilera

It has previously been revealed that personal assistants get the job of buying sex toys for their famous bosses, and therefore they often know all about their employer’s dirty secrets and private stashes. Christina Aguilera’s secret fetish seems to be costumes!

Credit. pulsemusic.proboards.com

Housekeepers of the singer have exposed how Aguilera would ‘spice things up’ when she was married to Jordan Bratman. She would often wear a variety of eccentric costumes to keep things interesting in the bedroom. The cleaning staff would always be picking up nurse and maid costumes off the floor. Another requirement of Ms. Aguilera’s was for a chilled bottle of champagne to be ready at all times for when she’s in the mood for her favorite Dom Perignon.

Naomi Campbell

It’s almost a supermodel’s duty to have their own wellbeing regime, so it’s no surprise that world-famous supermodels are high maintenance. Naomi Campbell’s list of demands certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Credit: Refinery29.com

Naomi’s obsession it seems, is lily-scented Diptyque candles. Before visiting a new hotel, she requests twenty-five candles to be placed in her room. These candles can’t just be scattered anywhere, though, they have to be in particular places. The supermodel requires five in the bathroom, ten in the bedroom, and ten in the living room.

Kris Jenner

Naturally, the Kardashian and Jenner clan had to get their challenging behavior from somewhere. You could say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and that tree in question is Kris Jenner. Known as the ‘momager,’ the mother of the Kardashian brood is no exception to being difficult and demanding.

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According to claims, Kris Jenner is constantly changing staff due to tiring them out with her demands. In fact, her to-do lists alone are so lengthy that they alone are enough to wear her staff out just by looking at them!

Lady Gaga

It was exposed by one of Lady Gaga’s former assistants that the singer doesn’t like to be left alone and demands her staff work round the clock so that she’s never home alone. It’s not just that Gaga doesn’t like to be alone in her house; she also doesn’t like to sleep alone.

Credit: Eonline.com (Pinterest)

So, yes, she requests that some of her staff sleep in the same bed as her. This revelation is as weird as it is sweet. And although millions of fans all over the world wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with her, it is a bit strange for her employees to have to share a bed with their boss.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner was just a kid when KUWTK first aired. Seeing that the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister has enjoyed a wealthy and privileged lifestyle for as long as she can remember, it’s no surprise that she might be a little spoilt. However, according to her staff, her demands are crazy!

Credit: Kyliecosmetics.com (Pinterest)

Kylie Jenner apparently does nothing for herself, but it doesn’t end there. Having lived a lavish life for the majority of her existence, you expect she’s used to not having to do much for herself but using your housekeepers’ arms to swatch lipsticks? Well, it does save all that effort of having to extend and hold out your own arm.


We’re used to hearing about strange ways in which celebrities stay in shape. A-listers go on some very peculiar diets, hoping to boost their health and lose weight, but Kesha’s strategy takes the biscuit! Kesha’s dieting techniques are so strange that people have stepped in to try and advise her that it’s wrong!

Credit: Popsugar (Pinterest)

We expect to see people consuming gross things if they’ve gone out with Bear Grylls or appear on The Late Late Show’s ‘Spill Your Guts’ challenge, but who would do it voluntarily? Kesha would! She’s said to drink her own urine in order to stay in shape. Ewwww!

Kristen Stewart

It’s understandably that celebrities want to hide their nicotine habit from their fans, but Kristen Stewart’s cigarette addiction is to the point of obsessive. The Twilight actress has a major chain-smoking problem. Insiders claim that she is non-stop smoking around the house!

Credit: Elle.com (Pinterest)

Kristen leaves cigarette butts everywhere. She drops them in plant plots, in the shower, and even in the fridge! It’s not surprising that her tobacco addiction has lead to guests declining food from her fridge, but it even lost her the contract she had with Chanel.

Anna Wintour

If you’ve seen Maryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, then you have gained an insight into what it’s like to work for Anna Wintour. You may remember how Anne Hathaway’s character was bossed around and pulled apart by her demanding boss, who was actually based on the Vogue editor.

Credit: thecut.com (pinterest)

The author of the book, which later became a film, Lauren Weisberger, used to be Anna Wintour’s assistant. The author also claims that many of the events portrayed in the movie were based on her own personal experiences of working for ‘Nuclear Wintour,’ as she was nicknamed.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s role in Friends made her everybody’s favorite sitcom sweetheart. But for her assistants, she’s anything but the laidback and loveable personality we are lead to believe. According to Jen’s assistants, the actress can be difficult to work for.

Credit: Instyle.com (Pinterest)

Aniston’s assistants divulged that Jen doesn’t like to get sweaty. Therefore she will make her assistants fan her or hold ice cubes to her face to keep her cool. So behind the scenes, Jen has refashioned herself as Cleopatra and her assistants and her servants.

Reese Witherspoon

It’s clear by now that many celebrity assistants have a lot of dirt to dish on their past or present employers. Yet, some famous faces actually make good bosses. If you’re looking for a celebrity to recruit you as an assistant or housekeeper, make sure it’s Reese Witherspoon!

Credit: Vanity Fair (Pinterest)

Reese Witherspoon is everybody’s favorite A-lister to work for. She’s easy to get along with, doesn’t have an ever-growing list of demands, and does a lot of her own housework. Even with a busy schedule and three children, Reese still makes sure her house is clean and tidy, which lessens the work on her staff. Plus, she gives away her unwanted clothes to her employees if they want them! This may actually be a dream job!


When former personal assistants and house staff reveal secrets about their famous employers, you can never be one hundred percent about what is true. The fact that Beyonce is extremely messy is a claim backed up by her husband Jay Z and Beyonce herself!

Credit: Popsugar.com (Pinterest)

Queen Bey is so messy that Jay Z has even stated that it’s his least favorite quality about her. It is understandable, though. With a heavy working schedule, a husband, and children, we can be forgiving if she’s messy at times. She’s definitely not alone!

Tom Cruise

Don’t be fooled by his laidback persona and the time he famously jumped up and down on Oprah’s sofa. At home, Tom Cruise likes order and discipline. It has been claimed that the Top Gun star likes his home to be run as smoothly and orderly as a hotel.

Credit: m.zimbio.com (Pinterest)

While it doesn’t sound as though it makes for a cosy home, Tom’s house is kept clean and tidy at all times. He asks for fresh sheets on his bed daily, and his staff must answer to his demands – day or night. There are also some parts of this home that are restricted in which even his ex-wife Katie Holmes wasn’t allowed to enter.

Britney Spears

It’s no secret that Britney Spears loved her junk food. Right back in the early days, she was often pictured sipping Pepsi, slurping shakes or tucking into burgers and fries. However, Brit’s housekeeper says that the singer has a strange obsession with food at home too.

Credit: Cosmopolitan.com (Pinterest)

Britney keeps leftover food everywhere in her home! It’s not unusual to find leftover cookies, burgers, or fries in the most random of places. Look under her mattress, and you might find some leftover fries. Between the bedsheets, you’ll probably find a half-eaten burger.

Kim Zolciak

Surprisingly, one of the most common secrets that PAs keep for their famous bosses is their smoking habits. It’s not likes it’s a major crime, but it certainly doesn’t look good for some famous faces to be snapped by the paps mid puff.

Credit: Talkingwithtami.com (Pinterest)

Kim Zolciak’s assistant leaked that her boss is a very heavy smoker! The sink in her master bedroom bathroom is full of ash and cigarette butts. She also has $1000 Versace ashtrays scattered all around her house because of her chain-smoking habit.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has formed a lucrative music career for herself thanks to her string of romantic affairs. Yet, despite Swift’s love life being a highly talked about topic, the singer is actually a cat lady! Who’d have thought?!

Credit: Vogue.co.uk (Pinterest)

The Boyfriend singer is often seen sharing pictures of her two cats – Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson on social media, but that’s not where the obsession ends. According to sources, Swift has a massive collection of cat merchandise. There’s everything from cat mugs, pillows, bedding, paintings, clothing, and much more.

Sandra Bullock

Even famous actresses know they can’t have everything, and for Sandra Bullock, she chose privacy over daylight. Despite being named “The Most Beautiful Woman” by People and listed as No. 2 on Forbes’ list of most powerful actresses, Sandra Bullock tries to stay away from media attention. The Miss. Congeniality star has become even more private since adopting her two children.

Credit: Instyle.com (Pinterest)

There is one main rule in the Bullock household: “drapes closed at all times!” It’s understandable that she wants to protect her children from the limelight, but this goes beyond that. The actress is so paranoid about people looking in through her windows that she has the drapes shut both day and night.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie appears to be the queen of everything. She’s a humanitarian figure, a successful actress, and a mother to six children. Yet, don’t be fooled by her cool and calm public image! It turns out that Jolie has a terrible temper at times and is a far cry from how she is publicly perceived.

Credit: Vogue.com (Pinterest)

Many of the actresses ’ previous housekeepers have spilled the beans on her angry outbursts, adding that they’ve witnessed her throw tantrums over her children’s behavior or when she’s had disagreements with her now ex-husband Brad Pitt. Cut her some slack, though. Trying to improve the world, maintaining an acting career, being married, and having six children is a lot to handle!

Paula Deen

What do celebrity chefs do in their free time? Behind closed doors, what are they really like? Well, if Paula Deen is anything to go by, it seems not a lot! Some of Paula Deen’s former employees have divulged how Deen isn’t interested in doing much at all when she’s not working.

Credit: NYpost.com (Pinterest)

Apparently she is rather set in her ways and spends almost all of her free time chilling and doing nothing. The chef has no interest in going anywhere new or doing anything interesting. According to her former employees, it’s not just that Deen isn’t wild or outrageous behind the scenes, but she’s actually rather dull. One former member of staff once went on a cruise with their boss and claimed it was the most boring time of their life!

Ariana Grande

Arianna Grande is well known for being a bit of a diva, so much so that she quickly earned herself the reputation of being demanding. But even for someone with diva-ish tendencies, requesting to be carried all the time is an odd one!

Credit: Popsugar.com (Pinterest)

Although Arianna denies that she makes her staff pick her up and carry her around, there are photos to prove otherwise. The singer has been pictured a few times being carried by her boyfriend, friends, tour manager, and bodyguards. All we can say is that it’s lucky she’s very light…

Demi Moore

Mirror, mirror on the wall… When you’re a successful actress and you look as good as Demi Moore, it’s difficult to believe that she might not be as secure about her looks as you’d imagine! Sources have claimed that Demi Moore is paranoid about seeing her reflection in an unflattering way due to poor lighting. We can all relate to unflattering lighting issues!

Credit: Ranker.com (Pinterest)

She likes to keep the lights dimmed around the house and has special amber bulbs fitted, which give off a flattering glow. Bad lighting highlights a multitude of sins, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and discoloration. Demi is so obsessed with her sacred amber light bulbs that she has a backup stash stored at her home in case the stores ever discontinue them.

Kanye West

It may or may not surprise you that Kanye West gets jealous. We’ve always known he was a complex character, as most music geniuses are. And understandably, when you’re one half of a major A-lister couple like Kim and Kanye are, it’s natural to get a little jealous at times. The more you have, the more you have to lose, right?

Credit: Apple.news (Pinterest)

Only, it has been reported that Kanye’s jealousy is borderline irrational. There was an occasion where Kanye spotted one of his bodyguard’s talking to his wife, Kim Kardashian. The rap singer believed the bodyguard was flirting with his wife and ended up having him fired!


When you’re as outrageous as Madonna, you can bet that behind the scenes her employees can tell you some intriguing tales about their famous boss. It’s no secret that the Queen of Pop is highly disciplined and likes everything to be a particular way, but even for Madonna, her requests are on the verge of ludicrous.

Credit: People.com (Pinterest)

Due to her hatred of bathroom germs, she had all the sinks, showers, and commodes removed, cleaned, and then reinstalled in her hotel bathroom during her most recent visit while performing in France. The singer also demands her staff bring her glasses of water at least six times in the night. In 2009, after Madge made her staff go on a macrobiotic diet, work 24/7, and comply with her tiresome demands, five of her employees quit within the same week!

Cindy Crawford

In between the drama and unrealistic demands, some celebrities have a great relationship with their staff. Supermodel Cindy Crawford is one of them. It’s not only that she’s pleasant to work with; her employees have reported that she’s a really nice human being.

Credit: Thecut.com (Pinterest)

 Cindy is proof of that age-old saying that a person can be beautiful both on the inside and out. People who have worked for her also say that she is generous with them too. One time she was gifted a Chevy after doing a photo shoot for the brand, and instead of keeping it, she gave it away to one of her members of staff.  That’s nice!

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is no stranger to the headlines. She’s often exposed for being outspoken or saying what she thinks, so we can only guess that behind the scenes, she’s not the shy and retiring type. According to Chelsea’s housekeepers, the star often parades around her house stark naked!

Credit: Health.com (Pinterest)

And that’s not all. Handler’s employees have revealed that she allows her dogs to relieve themselves anywhere, and she will never pick up after them. Chelsea has since admitted this herself, saying that if her dogs make a mess in the house, it won’t be her picking it up.

Christian Bale

If you’ve not learned by now, working for a celebrity isn’t the glamorous job you might think it is. And as Christian Bale’s former assistant knows, it can actually be quite a monotonous and disgusting job! Christian Bale’s former assistant, Harrison Cheung, has said that his role as assistant often meant looking after his collection of pets and stray possums in the garden while the actor was away filming.

Credit: Smaggle.com (Pinterest)

Cheung’s recollection of memories of working with the Batman actor are so crazy and entertaining that he went on to write a whole book about being Bale’s assistant! In the book, he revealed that he would have to sniff Christian’s armpits before red carpet events to check for body odor. Cheung would also often over hear his actor boss putting on his American Psycho character’s voice when speaking to friends on the phone!

Alicia Silverstone

Celebrities seem to be the masters of introducing us to weird and unusual parenting strategies that are said to benefit their children. We’ve heard of concepts such as ‘attachment parenting,’ which we can just about get our heads around, but Alicia Silverstone has entered a new realm of strange with how she feeds her child!

Credit: Reddit.com (Pinterest)

The Clueless actress feeds her child in the same way a bird feeds their chicks. Silverstone chews her child’s food in her mouth before allowing them to eat it out of her mouth. There are mixed opinions on this. Some experts say that it boosts the child’s immune system, whereas others state that it’s weird and disgusting! We agree with the latter!

Ryan Gosling

After watching The Notebook, millions of girls worldwide pictured what life would be like with Ryan Gosling. Now, insiders have revealed what living with Ryan Gosling is really like, and it might shock you! It has been said that the heartthrob has some strange habits behind the scenes.

Credit: Cosmopolitan.com (Pinterest)

The movie star likes to walk up the stairs on all fours, sleeps with his head at the foot of the bed, and likes to pee sitting down. And if you can handle all that, also note that he has a secret obsession with having his back and chest waxed. He hates having hair on these parts of his body so much that he waxes multiple times a month.

George Clooney

It’s hard to believe that George Clooney is anything but the perfect gentleman in real life, but sources claim otherwise. Despite being perceived as a respectful, smooth-talking nice guy, reports have revealed that he is known for not treating his staff nicely.

Credit: People.com (Pinterest)

The actor is rumored to not have good manners around staff and talks to them in an appalling tone. If that wasn’t bad enough, he purposefully checks his drinks cabinet in front of them to check that they haven’t stolen any of his liquor.

Jamie Dornan

One of Jamie Dornan’s former employees revealed that the Fifty Shades star has a guilty pleasure that he can’t get enough of. But before you get excited, Dornan’s secret obsession is nothing like his character’s sensual interests, and he doesn’t have his own ‘red room’ either.

Credit: thestir.cafemom.com (Pinterest)

Jamie’s obsession is actually needlepoint. Didn’t expect that one did you? Neither did we!  The actor finds that there is nothing better at the end of a long, hard-working day than relaxing with a cross-stitch project. Although this little fact isn’t exactly common knowledge, Dornan is by no means afraid to whip out one of his cross-stitch canvases while on a plane full of people.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp on-screen personas are as eccentric as they come, and it seems that in real life, he is not much different. He really is a Mad Hatter just like his Alice in Wonderland character! It may or may not come as a shock to learn that behind the scenes, Johnny Depp likes to dress up!

Credit: GQ.com.de (Pinterest)

Yep, that’s right. When he’s at home, he will often put on an old costume from one of his movies. Can you imagine getting a glimpse through his living room window and seeing him casually sitting watching TV while dressed up as Edward Scissorhands?!

Martha Stewart

It’s always fun and inspiring to hear of A-listers turning their hands to upcycling as well as us. However, Martha Stewart’s version of revamping unwanted fashion items is an odd one, admittedly. Either way, Stewart passes on her upcycling errands on to her staff.

Credit: Foodandwine.com (PInterest)

It turns out that Martha isn’t a fan of the famous red soles on her Christian Louboutin shoes. So, she asks her employees to color them in black using a modest Sharpie pen! Why she can’t just buy shoes with black heels is a bit of a mystery. Meanwhile, her fans are coloring the soles of their heels in red to resemble designer Louboutins.

Keri Hilson

Some celebrities are not understanding at all. If their assistants put a foot wrong, then they need only wait for the fireworks. This is a situation that Keri Hilson’s assistant knows all too well. And it seems that Keri Hilson is one of those hot-headed celebs.

Credit: Eonline.com (Pinterest)

One time, the singer’s assistant accidentally forgot to remove a store tag before Hilson went on stage. While on stage, Keri discovered that the label had been left at the back of her pants and stormed off stage mid-performance! She then began shouting at her assistant for “not being able to do anything right.”

Lisa Rinna

This actress, known for her roles in SoapTalk, Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives has actually kept the same assistant for years. Lisa Rinna’s long-term assistant says that the star of Dancing Stars is excellent to work with and that she’s really pleasant and relaxed. But that’s not all she shared.

Credit: Ehow.com (Pinterest)

That said Lisa’s assistant, Ninie Papadatos, has a very important role if she wants to keep her boss happy. Rinna demands that her assistant hides any negative press coverage from her. It’s assistant Ninie’s responsibility to sort through what’s in the media so that Lisa only gets to see the good press.

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians have a reputation for being demanding and difficult. If Khloe Kardashian ever doubted her paternity, as famously shown on KUWTK, the fact that her other members of her family accompany her may reassure her.

Credit: Glamour.mx (Pinterest)

According to one of Khloe’s assistants, Kardashian doesn’t lift a finger in her home. She does nothing. Zilch. She throws orders around to her assistant and housekeepers to arrange cookies and other food items, so they look good on camera. Khloe has posted a few pictures of her pristine, well-organized fridge and pantry, but now we know it wasn’t down to her own hard work!

Scott Rudin

A celebrity with anger issues is nothing out of the ordinary. Why, we all have anger problems from time to time. However, Scott Rudin’s feisty temper has been known to get more than a little out of control at times.

Credit: Mentalfloss.com (Pinterest)

Some of Rudin’s former assistants have revealed that the producer occasionally projects his anger by throwing phones and stationery around the room. When they’ve sensed these outrages in advance, his assistants have removed picture frames from his desk, and another measured his phone cable to calculate how much distance they needed to keep.

David Beckham

We’re always shocked and intrigued by the bad habits and juicy gossip that celebrity personal assistants reveal about their famous employers. Yet, nothing has ever been quite as shocking to hear as Rebecca Loos’ revelation that she had in fact been sleeping with her celebrity boss – Mr. Beckham.

Credit: Elle.com (Pinterest)

David Beckham’s former PR assistant revealed all about their scandalous affair, despite David being married to Victoria Beckham. She shared that what had started off as flirty text messages and a growing bond resulted in a purely physical affair. David Beckham denied all allegations and is still happily married to Victoria.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle didn’t earn herself the title “Duchess Difficult” for nothing. When Markle was a full-time, working member of the British Royal Family, Megan drove staff away in the masses through her difficult and demanding ways. Within just a few short months, three members of staff left because of the way she treated them.

Credit: Dresslikeaduchess.com (Pinterest)

These claims are not only supported by former staff but members of the family as well! Apparently, Megan prefers to do things her way and had a huge problem complying with Royal protocol. She made her staff’s job increasingly difficult with her demands. And the rate at which her staff quit was almost embarrassing!

Taryn Manning

Taryn is known for playing a violent character in Orange is the New Black but it seems her violent behavior extends to off the screen too. In 2012 a drunken Manning got into an argument with her assistant, Hollian Hartman, and attacked her. The actress later found herself in police custody just like the character she plays on-screen.

Credit: Refinery29 (PInterest)

Although Taryn now claims that she and her former assistant are on good terms again now, the situation got ugly after the assault. Hollian Hartman filed a lawsuit against her for punching and choking her. After photos were released of the bruising Hartman had obtained from the incident, Manning was ordered to stay away from her.

Mariah Carrey

Any personal assistant of this demanding diva must have nerves of steel. Mariah Carey is known for being exhausting, requesting the most ridiculous things -from what she expects in her hotel rooms to wanting a private chauffeur for her dogs.


Credit: Accessbynkc.com (Pinterest)

One assistant burst into tears when she couldn’t get Carey’s Apple TV to work in a hotel room. Another reported that the star will not wash her own hair and will either go to a hairdresser or have her assistant do it. And one even filed a lawsuit against her in 2004 because Carey made them work 16 hour days with no pay rise or meal breaks!