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45 Warning Signs That Make Us More Cautious Than We Were Before

Warning signs are a way of communicating information about possible hazards. These signs should carry clear and concise instructions on how best to avoid injury and property damage from potential risks. Companies and businesses know just how important these are. It is common for customers to sue companies for not having proper warning signs on display. If companies don’t pay attention to them, then it could be the beginning of their downfall. When you see a warning sign, you should look for instructions to avoid danger. However, while many warning signs are quite helpful and understandable at first glance, some are simply more rib-tickling than informative. The warning signs in this article will surely make you question the company’s intentions and could even make you forget to adhere to the instructions in real life. Here are 45 warning signs that are way more funny than they are informative.

Get a room

Long kisses are expected, especially when one’s partner needs to travel for a certain amount of time. So the airport might be the place to tell them how much you will miss them. Sadly, this airport took it upon itself to make a rule about this.

Image courtesy of bobshideout.com

Perhaps this is a consideration for the staff. The airport staff might start irritable if the departure line gets backed up on account of a lengthy kiss. The management of this establishment has decided to warn you to kiss in advance. After all, we might all be in trouble if management can’t get it together.

Tiger dinner

A zoo is a place that brings us closer to animals that we would never see on our daily morning walks. But, this is not a place to practice your Nat-Geo wild fantasies. Please, don’t try to pet the tiger on the back. Chances are it might just see you like a steak rather than a friend.

Image courtesy of bluebirdofbitterness.com

Although you want to capture up-close and personal pictures of the giant beasts, getting too homey is a fatal idea. Interact with the caged beast outside the safety barrier. Like this sign says, you will probably look like a fresh steak inside the cage.

Watch your kids

Sometimes, handling kids gets can be overwhelming, and sometimes to need a day off to reset. But of course, when you try to get the day off, your nanny isn’t available, so you have no choice but to go everywhere with the kids.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

If you need to get some housework done for yourself or anyone else, then this sign lets you know that running over your kids is not a good idea. In general, it’s a great reminder that running over your children is bad.

Think of the Animals

While you might think that the management of this zoo isn’t concerned about your safety, we like to argue otherwise. Honestly, they want you to stay alert, but they also have the responsibility of protecting the animals. After all, you are at the zoo to see healthy animals.

Image courtesy of ronproject.com

No matter how you think about this, obeying this warning keeps you protected. Don’t get adventurous by sitting, standing, or climbing the fence.  It is dangerous for you and the animals. The best part of this sign is the courteous presentation.

Wrong Flavour

The saying “there is love in sharing” is not always true. Sometimes, you need “alone” time eating all the things you love, like a bag of chips. But the truth is, you might have to share if your partner loves chips just as much as you do. So how do you fix this? Buy a flavor that they hate!

Image courtesy of Brightside

Friedman’s Fresh Markets already gave you an ingenious answer to the “why did you get this flavor?” question from your spouse. You can innocently say it was “an accident.” They will believe you and leave you to eat it alone. You got what you wanted, thanks to this store tip.

Death Valley Health Centre

The Death Valley is a land of contrasting extremities.  This environment has a resemblance to the valley and earned itself the name. Although the name might scare away on-lookers, the valley is safe. Yet, its safety does not disregard the presence of a health center.

Image courtesy of nairaland.com

However, the words on this direction signpost sound like an uncanny contradiction that just might scare tourists away. They could have come up with a better name. In our opinion, health and death are entirely opposite words that should not be together. Such a paradox!

Hot Dog

Street signs that direct you to places with tasty snacks around town are a yummy idea. You deserve to have a nice meal after a busy day. But, if you have to scan the streets for a while just to find what you love or crave might be just as tiring and discouraging.

Image courtesy of @SaltyFranksMa/Twitter

Hot dogs and Sausages might not be the healthiest snacks, especially when you are on a diet.  Thankfully, “cheat” days are also an essential part of the journey. If this is a genuine intersection, we would love to have a taste of the hot dogs and sausages made here.

Dead End?

Here is another example of a sign paradox, and it might be hard to understand without proper explanation. While it is difficult to explain, we will leave you with our assumptions. Our best guess is that the new lane is still under construction, so it’s a dead-end at the moment.

Image courtesy of Freshedits

Drivers that took their driving classes seriously would argue that you shouldn’t take the turn once you see the dead-end signpost. Although this might be theoretically correct, adventurous drivers might want to know if our guess is accurate. Well, good luck with that. 

Stop, No stopping?

The second most frustrating thing on earth should be an indecisive signpost like we have here. We will let you decide what the most frustrating thing is with this confusing signpost. Not knowing what to do can be disturbing, especially when driving. 

Image courtesy of dumpaday.com

The authors of this signpost need to decide on which instructions they want us to take seriously.  It is difficult obeying any of the instructions with this conflicting message. The hilarious part is whichever of the instructions you choose to follow, you’re technically not in the wrong.

Well, that’s Inevitable

What this sign is saying will only make sense if you have a one-wheeled bicycle. With this clever warning, you wouldn’t claim that you are oblivious to the possible dangers that riding a one-wheeled bike holds. Thank goodness we saw it!

Image courtesy of Alii Hamilton/Pinterest

However, if anyone can ride on a one-wheeled bike to this point without any injuries, they probably wouldn’t need this “helpful” sign. Such humans should be cycling in the Olympics, showing off their skills, and earning medals for their team.

Oh Bats

Unlike humans, bats don’t use the restroom. They do their business anywhere they like. The person who came up with this warning has deployed a creative way to warn you about the lack of toilets for their bats. This one is definitely a knee-slapper!

Image courtesy of news62times.com

We think passing information in funny ways helps the message stay put in your mind. If the warning made you laugh, you would remember why you laughed so hard. If you are up for getting your shirts or dresses dirty, then simply ‘push.’

Holy Cat Family

No dogs allowed is a warning sign you have probably come across before, but this is not the amusing thing.  Some people don’t like dogs, yet it doesn’t stop them from keeping other pets. This facility has clearly chosen cats over dogs.

Image courtesy of bobshideout.com

Look at the picture again before we tell you the story behind it. The holy family cat is funny when you read it alongside the warning. It’s even more comical if you know the backstory. The original sign said, “Holy Family Catholic School,” but the “H” fell off and gave rise to this funny inscription. 

Post-Apocalyptic Current Affairs

Things happening around the world are beginning to look a little dark, to say the least. Lockdown had all of us stuck inside for a whole year, which was depressing for all of us. When we tell the next generation about how a virus locked us down for so long, it might sound apocalyptical.

Image courtesy of WullieBlake/Imgur

The information might sound crazy because apocalypses might not be fun to read about. However, we can spice it up with some current affairs for fun. The new place to read about apocalypses is in the current affairs section – what an interesting move!

What sign?

We think law enforcement agents should monitor warning signs for rebellious incidences like this. The seagull either didn’t understand the instructions, or he was just an unrepentant rebel. Nevertheless, we love how daring this picture looks, and we don’t blame the little guy.

Image courtesy of The Wildlife Whisperer/Facebook

We can also appreciate the photographer for capturing this moment. If we had seen the rebellious seagull on a signpost, we wouldn’t have remembered to take a picture on time. Our giggling might even alert the fella to fly off.

Define Your Eyes

People pay a lot of money to stay beautiful as most people buy loads of cosmetics day-in and day-out. The skincare industry makes an effort to ensure their customers are satisfied with a given product. They produce different products that claim to help consumers restore their youthfulness.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

We all knew bug eyeballs are much prettier than natural eyes, but we assume it took the beauty industry quite a long time to figure that out. See how defined Drew Barrymore’s eyes look with these googly eyes. Now that they have created a way to achieve more defined eyes, their customers will be happy.

Exit Before Tweeting

From the finest sportsman to top leaders worldwide, almost everyone spends some time on Twitter. Aside from tweeting about news and atrocities, people tweet about daily lives for what feels like hours on end. Hence, this is a crucial reminder that your life is more important than your tweets’ engagements.

Image courtesy of the mindcircle.com

Although this sign is pretty hilarious, the clear message could be lifesaving. We hope that the sign is in noticeable places where people can see it. The warning isn’t restricting you from tweeting about the scene, but it advises that you tweet after your clear of the danger.

Beware of the bull

People have adopted different measures to stop trespassers from coming into their spaces, but most of them have failed. Most trespassers already have ways of escaping the cops or tenants.  But maybe that’s because no one has thought to use an aggressive bull.

Image courtesy of Pink Piccadilly Pastries /Pinterest

We don’t know the length of this pasture, but we can bet a dollar that the owners know you can’t run its length in nine seconds. So, unless you have outrun a bull before, we wouldn’t advise you to trespass this pasture. This is not a place to be adventurous.

Oh, Deer!

Some warnings leave you with so much more fear than expected. Without the latter explanation of this sign, you’d wonder why dead deer are falling from the trees. Even though you know why, you should still watch out for them because the antlers can injure you.

Image courtesy of sadanduseless.com

Imagine running out of the trail after a dead deer had scared the daylights out of you. Hence, it is necessary to warn visitors of the possibility of this frightening occurrence. After all, people running helter-skelter can create more chaos than a dead deer.

In That Order 

Money, they say, is the root of all evils, but we think the lack of money can be just as disastrous. Relationships thrive better when there is enough money and so do marriages. Once bankruptcy sets in, divorce is on the horizon, and liquor will be the shoulders to lean on. 

Image courtesy of justlooking250/Reddit

These business owners understood the importance of order. They use this to help their customers save gas even if they can’t do the same for their marriage. Our concern is, how does a bankrupt person get funds to afford liquor? We guess people will always find the money for bad decisions.

Caution: Jazz Hands Ahead

When at the mall, you need to watch out for these kinds of signs. Such warnings indicate that the floors are slippery because the cleaners are working. Unless you want to embarrass yourself, avoid these lanes. Such alerts can be simple, but not this one!

Image courtesy of news62times.com

The cleaner is far from basic, and we love it.  We applaud the creativity behind the warning idea. The message and the illustration are in sync. A warning sign like this will not only save you from falling but will also crack you up.

Friendly Locals

Some tourists can be over-expressive. This town has issued a straight-to-the-point warning for peace to reign: Do not laugh at the natives. The locals do not make friends with strangers. It is against their abiding rules. Maintain a straight face.

Image courtesy of RedditRocks2021/Reddit

Let’s give you one hack to help you with this one. Don’t look at anyone’s face because something tells us they might have funny facial expressions. There must be a story behind this signpost, and we would love to find out why the locals don’t like cheerful tourists.

Shut the Blinds

We all like keeping our business private. No one wants to see their business at the center of the juicy gossip of the week in the office. Hence, the landlord left a note to inform the new occupants about their nosy neighbors—what a kind man.

Image courtesy ebaumsworld.com

The landlord must have had to resolve disputes because of these curious neighbors. In order to avoid future clashes, he left a warning sign saying to keep your curtains closed at all times unless you also want to pry on your neighbors. That’s a different story.

Don’t even think about it

You would think that no one in their right mind would even think about doing this in the first place. That was our thought too. However, it seems like the owners of this fence have experienced otherwise. The spikes alone are enough to scare us away.

Image courtesy of Shareably

From our point of view, there isn’t anything beyond the fence that you won’t see from just standing close to it. You have no reason to climb or sit on these dangerous railings. We particularly like the tone of this warning. It’s crystal clear.

Trouble ahead

From a neutral perspective, this warning might be confusing. The signpost tells you that there might be troubles ahead but advises you to face the music and dance in the face of this trouble. You might find it hard to go past this warning.

Image courtesy of tradeskills4u.co.uk

This warning got its words from the first verse of the song Let’s Face the Music and Dance. People who are familiar with the song will find this hilarious. Although, the two contexts might differ just a bit. We really want to know what’s ahead.

Thou shalt not steal

The holy bible already warns us against the sin of stealing, and you would have expected that people in churches already know this. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. Otherwise, this church wouldn’t have to warn you about leaving your valuables behind.

Image courtesy ofLinda Parrish/Pinterest

You might expect that worshippers respect the church premises and behave righteously. On the contrary, it doesn’t work that way. The church is open to all kinds of people, righteous or not. In that case, hold your belongings tight.

Pigeon for a finger

There are a few things that are confusing about this warning. The first thing is that we can’t imagine feeding a pigeon and losing a finger in the process. The second one is the breed of pigeons they’re referring to here. Pigeons are sociable animals and typically don’t bite.   

Image courtesy of Funny Signs/Reddit

Our thought is even if a pigeon bites you, it shouldn’t be strong enough to bite off a finger. Despite our opinion, the pigeon owners have already warned you about how dangerous feeding their pigeons can be. Don’t forget, prevention is better than a cure.

Feeding babies to Alligators

A warning sign with no words like this might send a confusing message to its readers. You might interpret this illustration to best suit you. However, we believe the best interpretation should be that you shouldn’t take your baby close to the alligators.

Image courtesy of klyker.com

Alligators can’t differentiate a baby from food. Anything can disrupt your balance and cause the baby to slip from your hands into the animal’s mouth. Whatever you do, don’t raise your baby above the safety railings. It’s there for a reason.

Can’t swim – don’t swim

When you are with friends at the pool, the pressure to swim might be on the rise when you see others swimming. But there is absolutely no sense if you jump in when you know you can’t swim. Remember, you are not a fish, and you can drown.

Image courtesy of Pearl LMS/Pinterest

Although you might argue that you already know this, the management thought to remind you that it is not worth it. You can be a referee for your friends but avoid the waters. Be wise because no one might be around or willing to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Win a free ride!

A store that rewards shoplifters? We have a few questions. The prizes are also something that should interest any shoplifter. There are no gruesome punishments, just enticing prizes such as a free ride in a police car and publicity. As enticing as this sounds, we wouldn’t take the offer.

Image courtesy of battlefordreamisland.fandom.com

We will classify this shop owner as a generous person. He is willing to give such encouraging treatment to shoplifters. He even wants to help them achieve their dream of making their mom proud. All they need to do is steal something from his store.

Do not flush

Just when you thought you had seen it all, you see this. We would never have thought people try to flush these items down the toilet. But this warning wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t seen or caught a few people trying to do just that.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

You have to find another way to get rid of your ex’s sweater since you can not flush it down this specific toilet. We have an idea that might help you get rid of these things. Burn them to ashes. Problem solved. They’ll never resurface.

Hold on to your hat

If you don’t believe what this warning says, you should take a clue from the deformed sign. Low flying aircraft might be of benefit to you. Ensure your hat and head are safe to take advantage of the opportunity. Let’s explain what we mean by this.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger/Pinterest

If you have a package you want to send through courier services but can’t because of the exorbitant prices, this is your chance to send it for free. Just give it to a good samaritan on any aircraft that flies above your head.

Circus left town

In our opinion, this is more of a threat than a warning. We wouldn’t advise you to try to call it a bluff by letting your kids out of your sight. We understand that children might want to get rebellious and wander about, but please, control them.

Image courtesy of Cynthia Tenney/Pinterest

The best thing to do if your children can read is to ask them to read the warning themselves. Once they read it, it should make them adhere to the rules. Let’s just hope they won’t like the idea of a circus owning them.

Think ahead

It is painful that machines can’t think but can replace humans who have the brains to think about their actions. Nevertheless, that is a discussion for another day.  Today, we are here to tell you that if you come across this warning, all you need to do is obey. No complaints.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

The warning already states that you need to use your brain as the machine is lacking in this department. It wouldn’t be good for you to test this if this caution is valid. The result of disobeying might be fatal or cause painful damage. Remember, you can’t sue machines.

Robot shortage

Customers here must have a habit of hurling insults at staff. The management thinks it wise to remind their customers that their staff are human beings with emotions. Only robots will not react to loads of insults; humans will.

Image courtesy of bobshideout.com

The “unpredictably” in the warning informs you of the extent to which you might react. If you provoke the staff, you should expect everything.  So restrain yourself and go home to rant if you don’t like the face or temperament of the workers.

Do not swallow

In this age of different social media challenges, we can’t trust that you won’t try to swallow a coat hanger. Anyways, if you ever see a game that asks you to swallow an item like this, we will be the first ones to say don’t participate. It is not worth it.  

Image courtesy of mitchteemley.com

We don’t even want to imagine how wild you have to open your mouth before a coat hanger can enter. Even if we decided to vouch that you wouldn’t try that, this company couldn’t risk their business not putting the warning out there. As ridiculous as it sounds, we don’t blame them.

Please avoid the pipe

Either these children are rebellious, or they can’t read. We doubt that the latter is the case here. At least one of them should have seen the warning but, they clearly ignored it. Look at them having the time of their lives on the pipe.

Image courtesy of Drivepedia

Another rebellious person that is not in this picture is the photographer. The photographer can see and read the warning, and that’s why he took the picture. Instead of correcting the kids, he decided that the world needs to see this – rebellious but, we appreciate him.

Are feet shoes?

It took some time before we could understand this.  At first glance, we thought maybe the store owner was asking a question. He could have been perplexed and needed some clarification, hence the question. Let’s zoom into the picture for a clearer view.

Image courtesy of Shaz18/Reddit

With a closer look, we saw a hidden “B” in the inscription, so it should really read, “Bare Feet Shoes.”  So the store owner is not asking a question with the name of his store. He was only providing information on the kind of shoes they sell.

Open the door, please

There are a few other things that are more heart-warming than a free Christmas hamper. The storekeeper’s warning is one of them. Other storekeepers must take lessons from this owner on proper customer service skills. There must be more where this came from.

Image courtesy of StcStasi/Reddit

This warning is important in this era of artificial intelligence. Some stores now have a door that opens for customers without them having to pull or push. So, if your store doesn’t have one of those, you should consider giving your customers a hint.

Drive carefully

Do not laugh at this picture. It is not good to laugh at people’s predicament. Oh no, we lied. You should laugh because this is cracking us up, too. The driver of this car needs to explain how he got his car to summersault behind this clear sign.

Image courtesy of therewasanattempt/Reddit

However, there is no other explanation other than he didn’t drive carefully. For some reason, we think the other side of this board has something else to say. Maybe, the information on the other side is more rib-cracking and car-flipping-worthy.

Used parachutes

People sell different used items on a daily basis.  But, we would not have guessed that people buy second-hand parachutes if not for this advert. The number of times someone used the parachute before is clearly stated. What we don’t know is what the “never opened” means.

Image courtesy of Freshedits

Anyway, if you want to buy a parachute, we would not advise you purchase one advertised in this manner.  Parachutes are expensive, but you can use a good one for up to 1000 jumps. So, we consider a new one a good buy.