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Who’s Going to Tell Them?! Bathroom Designs That Should Have Been Flushed

When it comes to bathroom designing, one would say that this is the easiest room to design and decorate. Well, for most of us is, but there are some out there that manage to turn this simple task into a huge mess. If usually we are guided by the motto: “taste should not be discussed, but respected,” this time, this is too much even for us. Well, assuming that there was no taste involved in the planning and fitting of these bathrooms and toilets, we give ourselves and you too the green light to go ahead and have a laugh at all these funny failures.

From weird placements, designs, and architecture “styles” to strange bathtubs and toilets, prepare yourself to see the most cringe-worthy yet funny results of people’s restroom creativity.

The Triplets

How many times have men made fun of women for demanding their bestie go with them to the bathroom? Well, ladies, it turns out that things are going down in the gentlemen’s toilet too, well at least in this one.

Photo courtesy of liveabout.com

The person who made this toilet design is definitely a sucker for a good ol’ friendship between men. A true friendship implies sharing both good and bad moments with your friends, and for the person who came up with this restroom layout, it seems that privacy is a thing of the past.

In Case You Need Spectators

In case you need spectators, a little moral support, or even a hand, the guy who designed this toilet has got your back. The intent behind his choice was definitely a good one. There are a lot of toilets that don’t have any hangers for people to use for their belonging.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

So having a chair in there might come in handy for people to put a bag or a coat on it while they are doing their business. But three chairs, well for this one there we have no explanation. We are really curious about what was the “designer” thinking when he made this decision.

Uhm, Nope!

The transparent trend shook the fashion world. Transparent bags, transparent blouses, skirts, and even transparent raincoats, seems like transparent has been the norm for some years now. But can this apply to bathrooms too? Well, of course, it can!

Photo courtesy of realtor.com

A transparent sink or a transparent bath tube can give the bathroom a very futuristic look. The situation definitely changes when the trend is applied to toilets. All we can say is that a transparent toilet can be anything but futuristic and trendy.

Team Work

As we have already said, and as you may have already seen, there seems to be a lack of privacy in many men’s restrooms. Proof of this can be this collective restroom for gentlemen designed for friends that want to go together, so to speak.

Photo courtesy of liveabout.com

How satisfying can it be for a group of friends to share such moments together after they had a few drinks?! We have a feeling that the guy behind this project, probably the bro type, maybe put a flat screen in there too, so that can not miss any of the football action while on a bathroom break.

Getting Dizzy and Liberated

The next toilet has a pretty cool and modern design. Designed in monochromatic colors, the room gives a very abstract yet simple vibe. When it comes to the floor, well, that can be very problematic for those who need to use the restroom.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

This is clearly a public restroom. Let’s assume it belongs to a bar or a restaurant. Now, imagine having a fun night, including many drinks and having to go to the toilet. The dizziness given by both the drinks and this cool 3D optical illusion artwork printed on the floor can lead to no good.

So Many Options

Imagine going to a toilet and finding yourself in the kingdom of toilet paper. We have a feeling that the person who had this marvelous idea was a woman. The fact that there are over 50 rolls of toilet paper might say something about the creator’s couponing addiction.

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

While this picture can be pretty satisfying for those who have a phobia of having no toilet paper during the time of, let’s say, a crisis, or a global pandemic, it can also put some people in distress. There is one real question that bugs us and probably the whole world right now. Should the toilet paper be placed under or over?

Bathroom For Daredevils

The person who designed the plans for this bathroom really thought that he or she would make a real feature out of it. And if you look at it from a fearless point of view, this may have been a good idea.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Maybe some people really liked this architectural “masterpiece,” but we are sure that those who have acrophobia (fear of heights) did not appreciate this design at all. Imagine how many of those with this phobia needed to go to the toilet and had to turn around and hold their needs just because of this unfortunate choice of décor.

Scientific Research

We can tell that the creator behind this “piece of art” has one good sense of humor. Either that or this is a legit bathroom in a chemistry lab. How cool is it that those who get to use this urinal can actually get the chance to help the scientific world too.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Just think about how many discoveries and research projects have started while our gentlemen had to go on a restroom “break”. Our intuition tells us that there might have been a woman behind all this but we guess we will never know.

Another One for the Dare Devils

We don’t know who came up with the idea, but to be honest, it’s a pretty bad one. An average laundry machine weighs between 150-200 pounds, that is a lot of weight, and it doesn’t look to be securely attached to the wall; this makes needing to go a bit risky, to say the least.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Iit is noticeable that the laundry machine is supported by only two metal brackets that are very narrow. It’s only fair to say that only a daredevil would use this toilet while the laundry machine is running on the spin cycle,

Inclusive Bathroom

We live in a very diverse society, and a diverse society asks for a lot of tolerance and acceptance of each person’s needs. The toilet in the picture below is solid proof that those who created this restroom had pretty strong inclusive beliefs.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Luckily enough, the giants with a height of over 6 meters have a place reserved for them and their needs. Also, as you can see, there are little steps similar to those attached on climbing walls, so this urinal can also be used by regular people too. Inclusive much?

Peek-a-boo! I can Definitelly See You

We don’t know for sure who came up with such a “great” idea, but we’re sure we can speak for you too when we say: What was he or she thinking?! Or even better, was he or she even thinking?!

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

Well, maybe the “designer” has some kind of abstract design in mind. Or maybe he or she just wanted to save some money (which is more probable) and got the cheap version of a bathroom stall door. Nonetheless, the result is just hi-la-ri-ous!

This One is for the Brits

Probably every non-British citizen person’s worst bathroom nightmare is a sink with two taps: one for cold water and one for hot water. Well, if that’s you, just avoid looking at the picture below because it will surely give you a panic attack.

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

The sink pictured above has over 10 taps. This one can give anxiety even to a British person who is already used to having more than just one tap. We’re really curious about which one is for the cold water and which is for the hot one.

King on His Throne

When you probably thought that you had seen it all, well, we have another good one for you! This one, it’s true, it’s more different than the designing failures you’ve seen up till now. But this doesn’t mean it’s a decent design…

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

When it comes to style, all we can do is to associate this grandiose bathroom design with the Kitsch fashion. And for those who are not used to the term “kitsch”, imagine something very eccentric that is very pleasantly distasteful.

This One is for Those With Super Powers

The picture below is just so cringe. At this point, we don’t even know what to laugh at: the good resemblance of this bathroom to a dollhouse bathroom or to the ingeniosity of the person who designed this project.

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

One thing is for sure, the person behind all this exploited the tiny space of this room to the max. Does it even matter that the toilet could probably be used only by a child or a very short person?

Multitasking has Never Been This Easy

Multitasking has never been easy, and the person who did the layout behind this “masterpiece” pictured below knows it very well. The fact that you can take a hot shower while washing your dishes is, to us, simply astounding.

All jokes aside, there are cities in this world where the place is so limited that this is pretty normal for them. One of these cities is Paris, where for a studio like this you would have to pay over 400 euros a month. Crazy, right?

Abstract Art or…?

Imagine going to a public restroom and finding this “art” on the walls. At first look, we’re sure you’d also think that it’s something other than just paint. It can’t just be us that has something else in mind, right?

Photo courtesy of universityfox.com

Oh well, all we can say is that we would be more than happy to meet the guy (for some reason, we’re sure this was a guy) who came up with this idea. So we can give him a high five for making us laugh out loud. Who said interior designers don’t have a sense of humor?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

How many times you were busting to go to the toilet, and when you got to one you literally felt like you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel? This is our personal opinion about the idea behind this project below.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

As funny as it is, the fact that someone thought to turn a very narrow and tiny space into a toilet is pretty ingenious. The only thing that was omitted is: how would a robust person get to reach the end of the tunnel?

This One’s for the Alpinists

This picture is so triggering that we don’t know what to start with. The person who decided to put an eco-toilet up on two tall and not very sturdy looking logs might have wanted to prank someone. At least that’s what we hope…

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

If this is not the case, then we have several questions like: how did that eco-toilet get set up there? How many minutes does it take an average person to climb up all those stairs? And last but not least, how will one open the door once he/she got there?

In Case You Want to Put on a Show

In case you want to put on a show, the person who created this project pictured below has got your back. The ingeniosity level has reached the highest peak again in the following picture. We have a feeling that the “designer” didn’t think this through properly at all.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

In order to use this toilet you really need a friend there to help shield you from prying eyes by standing in front of the door to block the view. Or if by any chance, you want to put on a show, this is the best toilet to do so.

Anabelle Reloaded

We can tell that the person behind this is a lady, probably in her 40’s or why not, older. As innocent as the lady’s intention was, it is as scary it is for the rest of the world, especially for those who saw the horror movie called “Annabelle.”

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

The three dolls do look cute, but so did Anabelle. We’re sure that a person who saw the movie would definitely not risk locking themselves in the bathroom with not one, but three dolls that are potentially haunted standing there as an audience.

Now That’s Eco

Mother Nature has always managed to shock us in both good and bad ways. This case right here is no exception. In order to provide for those who love hiking, three trees decided to merge together and create a, wait for it… forest toilet.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Or maybe that was not their intention. Anyways, a person that was gifted with enough imagination decided that it looked like a toilet and made it open to the public by placing a toilet roll next to it. Now that’s very ecological.

Heaving Has Never Been Easier

The following picture will leave you questioning everything you know about life. We know, we did the same. A toilet set so high above the ground can only mean that the one who designed the project was, let’s say not in his/her right mind.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Well turns out that he or she was in her right mind. Apparently, the toilet was not set there to be used for, you know, the normal necessities but for those who need to throw up. That’s a really cool idea.

Grandma’s Toilet Seat is Lit

Or at least that’s exactly what a hippie would think about the toilet pictured below. So many colors and so many different yet cool stitches. It’s fair to say that granny did a pretty good job with this one.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Assuming that this is how granny’s toilet looks during winter, we are really curious to see what granny creates for her toilet “to rock” during summer. Maybe a swimming suit, or a maybe a crop top?! Well, only granny can answer this one.

How Poo(r) Music is Made

Or should we name this an artist’s biggest dream? (this takes practice and dedication to a seriously new level), No matter which one of these works better to describe the picture, this décor is the epitome of uninspired or inspired beyond decorating boundaries.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Why would someone put such a piece of art into such a humid and germ-laden environment is beyond us. But the thought of people sitting on the toilet and playing some notes, on the other hand, is actually really funny.

Big Brother is Watching

We’re sure you’ve watched an episode of the reality TV show called “Big Brother” at least once in your life. It was really cool and fascinating how they put cameras all over the house just to watch what some individuals do on a normal day, right?

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Well, the person behind this idea is definitely the big brother of ” Big Brother,” and we mean it. Seriously, look at the size of that camera! Something tells us that it can see everything you probably don’t want to be seen.

Special Shower for Adrenaline Lovers

Who knew that showering could actually be turned into an extreme sport. Not in a million years, would we have thought to put a power- point in the shower to make this activity a little more intense and thrilling.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

All jokes aside, we can only hope that the power- point does not work, and more than this, that the electricity in it is interrupted. Besides from giving you a crazy cool hairstyle, water and electricity definitely do not go well together.

The Tap That Would Probably Make You Feel Drunk (even if you’re not)

As cool as this tap might look with the gold and white combination of colors, one might say that it is not the best thing to use when you are in a rush and just need to take a quick shower.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

Something tells us that the number of people that started swearing, at one point, in this shower was not a small one. Fair enough! The amount of levers this tap has is too many even for a patient person.

Two Birds One Stone

If killing two birds with one stone could be represented by a picture, we are sure this would be it. Whoever decided to set the shower in front of the toilet might have not considered the location of the toilet itself.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

In order to defend the person who set the shower, to make the situation less splashy- one can always pick up the shower attachment and use it like this. Whatever the story or reason behind this was, we are sure that someone out there who is a multitasker appreciated it.

Just in Case…

We have a feeling that this shower belongs to a newly married couple who just moved to a new place. Why? Having two showers in the same cabin can only mean that the couple could not come to a common agreement as to which shower head was preferable, so they decided to compromise with a “his and hers”.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

There is one question though, that really bugs us. Who is the woman who accepted having a shower half plastered into her ceiling? We need to congratulate her personally for accepting that just for the sake of keeping her hubby happy.

We Don’t Need No Lawsuits

The picture below was photographed somewhere in Asia, and it’s just really funny. Most likely, the guy who was in charge of doing the translation was serious about the matter, but unfortunately for him, the outcome is hilarious.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

After some quick research, we found out that this “slip carefully” sign is spread throughout China. The reason behind this funny sign is the word-by-word translation from Mandarin to English, which, as most word-by-word translations, does not make total sense.

Bath Tub For Those Who Can Fly

When making a house or apartment plan, one needs to make sure every little meter square is taken into account and utilized to full advantage not to waste any space. The person who made the plan for this project below took this idea to a whole new level.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

We are really curious to see how a person who wants to take a long hot and private soak in the tub does it. More than this, how would that person get out SAFELY from the bath? Bath, water, and slippery stairs, just don’t work well together.

Peek-a-Boo I See You!- part II

When the budget doesn’t let you be cool, you have to adapt to the situation one way or another and settle for less. Normally, this applies to a lot of situations, and one can make it work, however, settling for a half of a shower curtain just cant work at all, however you try.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

The picture above has to be a joke or a prank made by some university students. At least this is what we hope it is because the situation created by a short shower curtain is one straight out of a bad comedy movie.

Was The “designer” in His Right Mind?

That’s literally the only question that comes to our heads when we look at how the bathroom below looks. To be honest, ” designer” is far too generous a term to use for someone who was behind such a horrendous piece of work.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

The reason behind this work is not due to a shortage of green tiles or white tiles or any other type of shortage. It’s bad taste. On top of this, this bathroom not only makes you cringe, but it can definitely give you vertigo too. It’s just too much for the eye to bear.

What in the World?!

Right when we said we had seen it all when it comes to “eccentric” toilet and bathroom designs, this picture popped up, and we have to reconsider our affirmation. What in the world did they think when they decided to put the bath tub right in front of the middle of the hotel room.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

Let’s say that maybe if the bathtub was big enough for two people to fit in, this idea would have probably (we said “probably”!) been a good one. But it is clearly a one-person tub set in the middle of the room, right in front of the microwave, and we don’t know how to feel about it.

Please Be a Design, Please Be a Design

Or at least red hair dye stain, or maybe they were aiming for a marbled look … Please be anything else but not what everybody thought it was when first seeing this bathtub: a scene straight from a horror movie.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

No matter from which point of view we look at this picture, this bathtub tells us the same thing repeatedly: murder. But maybe it’s just us; clearly, for the one who chose this tub, the idea seemed pretty cool.

When The Toilet Has Drunk More Than You

Or it could have also been the camera. Anyway, using a toilet that is not straight (no pun intended!) is nothing less than just a plain scary prospect. What’s even scarier than using it, would definitely be trying to flush it.

Photo courtesy of demilked.com

Lucky for the toilet goers around the world, this toilet was just a piece of “art” exposed in a museum in Denmark. We don’t know if it was appreciated, but considering that there were people out there who appreciated a banana taped to the wall, this might have had some fans.

Bathroom For Soulmates

Oh, “soulmate”! This beautiful word with an even more beautiful meaning and definition: a soulmate is that person who fits you just like a glove and the person you love doing everything with. Well, apparently the creator of this décor took the definition of the soulmate way too far.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/ Connie Thompson

We are rational enough to understand the heart-shaped bathtub, big enough for two people who are soulmates but the soulmate toilet… That is too much even for us. We really wonder how many times couples used this double toilet.

What in the World?- Part II

If, by any chance, you’ve asked yourself what does “enough is enough” mean, we have a graphic representation for you, which for your entertainment is pictured below. Before scrolling down further, we just want to say: Sorry!

Photo courtesy of designswan.com

Sorry for probably ruining your day with such a disgusting and dirty looking toilet set! But you have to admit that once your eyes get used to this, it is impressive that someone thought to do this to their toilet/urinal.

No! Just, No!

What is with people and scary toilets nowadays?! In what world do they think it’s ok to put weird and scary pictures on the walls of the loo. People who go in there to give themselves a few moments of peace not only won’t appreciate it, but they will definitely want to get out of there asap.

Photo courtesy of designswan.com

And probably will never go in there again; the thinking behind this thing was probably – more scary pictures, fewer toilet users, and less toilet cleaning sessions. If this is in a busy restaurant with only one bathroom, then this might actually be a good idea, we might try it at home too

An Artist’s dDream

Or maybe a nightmare. As funny as it may be for those who are not really into orchestra music, this picture is most likely an abomination for the lovers of it. Whoever thought about making a toilet out of musical instruments was not thinking clearly.

Photo courtesy of desingwan.com

We don’t know about you, but from this moment on, we will never be able to look at a tuba or a tuba player the same way, ever again. Also, we’re wondering, how will one flush the toilet?!

The Very Sexist Urinals…

Andthe same applies to the very misogynistic man who decided to create this design for urinals. This would be a very interesting book title but unfortunately, we live in a man’s world and this book would most likely not sell.

Photo courtesy of odee.com

You’re probably asking how do we know it was a man behind this. Well, if this were a woman’s creation, it would have probably have had very sharp teeth and fangs, and it would probably be able to close automatically during use.

Dracula’s Urinals?

Unfortunately, no. But we are pretty sure that if Dracula would have still been around, he would probably order some for his castle. He is probably the only person who would feel right at home in a bathroom set up like this,.

Photo courtesy of odee.com

These cool urinals were found in a restaurant/bar called La Jugueteria, located in La Macarena district of Bogotá, Colombia. If the toilet looks like this, we are really curious to see the ladies’ restroom and the rest of the restaurant.

Floating Toilet

This one right here is for the engineers. The toilet pictured below is located on Lake Powell in the United States. It was necessary to avoid human waste going into the lake (which is situated in a natural reservation).

Photo courtesy of popularmechanics.com

Despite the huge amount of money needed to buy and install a bathroom like this, most people don’t seem to appreciate it. We might agree to the fact that a floating toilet can distract us from the beauty of the landscape, but better this than having a dirty lake.

Arctic Toilet

You most likely have never wondered what does a toilet look like in the Arctic, but it doesn’t matter because we have a picture of one arctic toilet for you. We know you didn’t ask for it, but we have it anyway.

Photo courtesy of boldquestions.wordpress.com

Tadaaa! This is exactly what an arctic loo looks like, and this is what the scientists use when they need to go. You can usually find this next to scientific camps or wherever the researchers spend a lot of time.

Too Close

The person behind this little project showed in the picture below had definitely a good/eco intention. Probably, to save some water he decided to put the sink above the urinal. Well, that was indeed a good idea. Right?

Photo courtesy of boldquestions.wordpress.com

We’re sure that some toilet goers might have gotten confused and used the wrong place. Oh well, if we look at the bright side of it at least it went down to the right urinal. Actually, on second thoughts, it might have not been a good idea after all.