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Rude Ways To Get A Surefire Bad Reputation In Public

Ever encountered a situation where you’re caught between engaging in a fight or swallowing that bitter bubble of resentment? It’s lodged in your throat, and in the cups of your palms, as you find your hands clenched into a fist. Don’t worry, we feel the same way, but like all things, it’s better to let it pass. Document and report it to the proper authorities. Or better yet, post it on social media. It’s one of the best ways for people to notice their mistakes. Have these people learned from their mistakes? We think not. Hopefully, they’ll learn to be better members of society. Okay, we all have our off days, but some of these people were just plain rude. From being inconsiderate in trains to throwing scooters in lakes, they’re sure to get a bad reputation wherever they go.

Trashing Rentals

To help minimize carbon emission, companies came up with the ingenious design of renting scooters to the public. In some countries, they get your credit card details before you can use the scooters to and from work, or your dates.

Image courtesy of iGrantastic/Reddit

Unfortunately, some people just couldn’t be bothered to return them, so much so that they threw them into the river. Either they had wads of cash or they simply didn’t care about the consequences of their actions, and how it would affect the general public when scooter rentals were banned outright.

Blocking Access

There are designated parking lots for ease in access and transport, and for implied rules of common courtesy. This driver probably thought today would be an ordinary day without anyone needing to use the public walkway leading to the helipad.

Image courtesy of PunjabiDJ/Reddit

He not only inconvenienced the medical team but put in peril the life of a patient. That car ought to have been towed (and keyed) for some commensurate act of justice. Honestly, it’s hard to see the other side of the equation here.

Smiling For The Picture

At the yearly Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, several vendors showcase collectables of geodes, rocks, fossils, and jewelry. Like any other natural creation, these are handled with utmost care. One amethyst geode was exhibited with a post-it discouraging prospective buyers from sitting on it. This woman paid no heed.

Image courtesy of lebigbean/Reddit

Way to go for pointing that out. We’re inclined to request from her that she get the heck off the seat. That geode is too precious to have someone take it for granted. Maybe next time, a 2-meter line should be kept in place?

Private Viewing

When you’re on the train, chances are, you’re going to confront a person who hogs up more space than they could possibly need. Some lay atop the whole bench, some hog the center poles, some sit with their legs stretched miles apart.

And then, meanwhile, some open their giant pink umbrellas to maintain social distancing? Just how old do you think this passenger is? Cute entourage, but you’re going to stay dry throughout the ride. Kindly close that umbrella — it’s more than just bad luck.

Sharing Slices

Ever come across someone who is as vile as this? These people are better left to purchase their food alone. Can you imagine opening a pizza delivery box and finding that this monstrosity is what your partner has left you? It’s unforgivable.

Image courtesy of Diply

It’s been said that there are only three parts of a pizza: true love, world peace, and crust. But this guy left an inch of true love and half-an-inch of crust. That’s a surefire way to start a world war from the confines of your home.

Public Use

Some commodities are offered because service providers expect them to be used in the regular course of their business. Take, for example, seats in the airport terminal that you can use while awaiting the plane. Some people mistake this convenience as an extension of their homes.

Image courtesy of Reddit/zarosen19

They lounge and eventually doze off, taking up space that could have served a minimum of three people. It’s never any fun to confront them about it — let alone those smelly feet. Might as well wish them luck on the flight back home.

Friendly Reminder

When you’re sitting in class for more than two hours, your gastrointestinal system is bound to mess with you. It’ll be pumping blood to the inhibitory parts of your body, such as your stomach, kidneys and bladder. So yes, you’ll have a legitimate excuse to go to the bathroom.

Image courtesy of Eye Sonoz

This pass to get out of class is rather unforgiving. We usually love a touch of cynicism and condescension but we really didn’t mean to excuse ourselves midway through lecture. We’re only human! Why make a big deal out of natural functions?

Cubicle Wars

This office annoyance is why some people prefer to work from home. They don’t have to deal with office politics or petty revenge tactics from co-employees. Whether this was a playful prank or a way of getting even, what do you think the moral of the story is here?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Beriberi_Cheerios

One, keep some scissors on the table. Two, have a high pain threshold. Three, be mindful of wires. Four, come to the office early so that there’ll be no time for the culprit to endanger your commission status. How about we reroute those calls to someone else in the meantime?

Arm’s Throw

People are keen to satiate their tummies. They can line up, patiently enter their order, await their names to be called, and share seats with strangers, as long as they remain undisturbed. But afterwards, they get too bloated to dispose of trash properly.

Image courtesy of Diply

This is literally a walk in the park. That’s all this diner needed. And he had the audacity to leave it for someone else to trip on. What makes this that much more infuriating is the fact that there is a trash can literally within arm’s length.

Stinky Feet

That day-long match can keep you waiting. And by the the time there’s at last a home-run in the making, when you’re stretching your muscles as you watch, you’ll feel the knots of anticipation wearing you down. You hadn’t even noticed…

Image courtesy of dylan658/Reddit

those feet by the side of your face. No wonder something foul smelled afoot! We hope ticket reservations have more stringent standards. We’ll never understand why some people simply don’t understand that not everywhere can be treated like their couch at home.

Free Space

Here’s a picture of a modern-day white man colonizing an area of land he “discovered”. Magellan, it’s high time that you start to get your priorities right. Have that picture developed, but only take the car space that you need.

Image courtesy of

Just because it doesn’t inconvenience anyone else, doesn’t mean you should do it. Ugh, the lack of discipline on this one, taking up car lots on both sides of the road. What’s the number of a local tow truck? We’d like to place a call for a violation.

Max Weight Capacity

Ladders are made for climbing, toothbrushes are meant for cleaning teeth, and produce stalls are made for peaches. This lady didn’t seem to understand this most basic concept, instead seeing an opportunity to take a load off at the expense of others.

Image courtesy of

Even if those fruits get squashed under pressure, prices won’t fall. So please do everyone a favor, be considerate to your fellow shoppers, and keep the merchandise intact. After all, we wouldn’t want to come home to squished bananas and avocados.

Keep Quiet!

No wonder librarians have a reputation for being hotheads. If you had two to three levels of book space to tidy up, carts of books to return, and computers to be shut down, your patience would constantly be running thin.

Image courtesy of Reddit/starman45ftw

We hope these kids cut out these sloppy habits early on. That would save them some face when they ask for an extension on books due. You wouldn’t want to be shouted at, and stared by the whole room for your misgivings.

Litter Bin

Among the most positively frustrating things that you could come across is an adult, or worse, a father who breaks his own rules. We would be itching to collect those discarded candy wrappers and force them down his side pockets.

Image courtesy of Reddit/turtlesurvivalclub

Honestly, how lazy can you possibly be when you can’t be bothered to walk just a couple of feet to chuck something so small and so irrelevant into the proper place where it belongs: the trash bin. And no, you can’t pretend someone else threw them when you’ve clearly got candy in your mouth.

Feet Off

What is it with people taking off their shoes all over the place? It’s gross, but then again, there’s also the opposite side of this same nasty coin: people who put the dirty undersides of their shoes wherever they feel like it.

Image courtesy of Olivia 2000/Reddit

Don’t they think of the microbes beneath their soles? Or how it can inconvenience the passenger who might sit down on a wad of gum stuck to the seats? Gross! Would you feel compelled to come over and request them to scoot to the side?

Handy Landlord

Some landlords are difficult to please, some are fair, and some are just ill-tempered. But we always assume good intentions. So when there are ordinary instances of wear and tear around the home, we’ll call them up to have it fixed.

Image courtesy of

But make sure that you’ve done your part of the contractual obligation. Otherwise your landlord might exact a particularly petty form of revenge. To be fair, he does have a good sense of humor and artistry. Care to invite friends over?

Following Lines

Even when parking spots are hard to score, we should keep in mind to occupy the proper space that’s been allotted per vehicle. Otherwise, we stand to have our wheels slashed, our car bodies keyed, or our licenses displayed for public shaming.

Image courtesy of Reddit/badbicth06

Had he seen that he drove over the line, he could have re-parked appropriately. Did he expect a motorcycle to fit on his right? Because no one in their right mind would park a car, even if it had a seating capacity for two people, within that space.

Penitentiary Lane

We haven’t encountered this degree of tactlessness, though perhaps she does deserve some points for imagination. Apparently she’s got trouble bending over, because while inspecting loaves of bread, this woman took the initiative to cushion her knees with…you guessed it, BREAD!

Image courtesy of tmaxb/Reddit

It’s good to have taken pictures of this event, but it’s even better to call the manager and have that woman pay for the merch. She shouldn’t be walking out the store nor heartily welcomed back for ruining other customers’ shopping experience.

Nuttin’s Wrong in this Picture

We can hear her telling us mind your own business. Well, it is our business when she shoves those discarded crumbly peanut shells towards the aisle with her foot. She might even furtively glance to her side, before doing so.

Image courtesy of Lolo795/Reddit

We’ll only tap her shoulder to give her a paper bag, silently nod towards the peanut shells she’s desperately trying to hide, and we’ll give her a consoling nudge because we’ve all been there. She should get her stuff cleaned.

Public Entertainment

You paid the reservation fee and you’ve scored an interesting date to speak to on a weeknight. So you head to the restaurant, go through the usual motions, but you keep getting side-tracked by that colored animation, and that unrestrained volume!

Image courtesy of Reddit/___________f

Does this mean we’ll be skipping the theater? Because it seems like that kid has got the show going for us. It was not what we had planned, but maybe we’ll gauge our date’s reactions towards this toddler. Let’s have that kid figure her out for us.

Unsafe Disposal

Someone ought to have lectured this wannabe chef on proper waste disposal. Only metals can withstand the fiery heat of a stove, a fireplace, or a grill. So when dumping burnt-outs, he ought to have let it cool down before throwing it out.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail UK

And the result was the permanent destruction of a perfectly good trash bin intended for public use. The sight was as one would expect: gross and distasteful, its contents open for display and causing passersby to retch from the sight.

Poppin’ Applause

If you’re a regular moviegoer, in this day and age of expensive ticket rates, you’d still be met with this scene. It seems like people’s appreciation for the movie is equally met with their disdain and utter disregard for the cleaning staff.

Image courtesy of Reddit/No1tripper

Isn’t that a migraine? And you’re just a moviegoer. Imagine having to clean that mess up every two hours, one theater after the next. So maybe before those audience members clear their seats, call them out on it? It wasn’t a horror movie anyway. How’d those snacks fly out of the seats?

On the Thorny Side

This woman purposefully went to a conservatory to use the succulents and cacti as her background. It would have made for a great shot had she followed protocol. So the staff insisted that she leave. Guess what she did next.

Image courtesy of Rainy_Day_May/Reddit

She did what any social media influencer would: selectively filter auditory content. Did we mention that cactus thorns are really sensitive? Yes, they’re meant to protect the plant, but hurt it enough, and the cactus will die –especially when she had stomped on them.

At Extreme Lengths

Does management hate its employees? Why would they fix that toilet dispenser so unbelievably far up that it’s out of arm reach? It seems anyone signing up to start work for this company ought to pass minimum height requirements — no lower than 5’8″?

Image courtesy of

Management has gone to extreme lengths to have the toilet paper stay dry, but it’s not like it’s a shower stall in the first place. Second, we’re here to do our business, not practice squatting and standing again and again. Pack your own tissues next time.

Fly On The Wall

We’re just as stumped as you are. It seems like this is a disassembled piece of an alarm clock. Guess where the user found it — in a hotel room! He had checked into one using AirBnB. The ratings were passable and the prices were affordable.

Image Courtesy of Bird Bauth/Reddit

Turned out the room came complete with a hidden surveillance camera. Our skin would have been crawling at the thought that someone had access to our private affairs. Where had we undressed? What are they going to do with the footage? Better be careful about where you book next time, and report these “flies” to authorities.

Royalty Status

This car deserves to be towed away for blocking access. Imagine trying to lug 20 pounds of supplies through that walkway only to chance upon a dead end because someone wanted to exit directly on the footpath. Can’t they see what’s going on?

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

That would get anyone infuriated. We would probably unload our groceries on the top of this car, step on the hood while sliding them over, and making sure that we leave footmarks before thudding on the concrete to retrieve our purchase.

Sharp Shooter

Hawkeye, Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Legolas and Princess Merida: apart from being fictional, all these characters have used their weapon of choice, a bow and arrow, to strike our hearts. But despite our neighbor’s avid interest in it, he will never make the list.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

One can only wonder whether this was the first time this happened, because you’d have to be pretty brainless to not notice the risks of where you’re aiming. We suggest he get himself a dartboard to practice on next time.

Basic Etiquette

What’s worse: having your snack stolen, or finding it after you search for it, only to discover it’s been partially ravaged? The perpetrator even had the guts to leave a note on a tissue paper, which he probably inserted with unwashed hands, inside the sandwich bag.

Image courtesy of

Oh, but we do mind! We mind having hard-earned money spent on basic food staples, to be bitten on by a stranger simply because he feels entitled. No wonder there’s an unhealthy paranoia in office spaces and an unspoken etiquette amongst workers.

Different Priorities

The whole point of watching a movie in the cinema is to relax and stare at the big screen. You wouldn’t want to miss a second of it, especially when movie tickets are priced so expensively. So it begs the question: why watch Mad Men inside the movie house?

Image courtesy of Reddit/OzTs

Well, we wouldn’t mind per se, if only he were wearing headphones. We didn’t buy a bucket and drinks to watch a show we can torrent online, thanks very much! Also, phones aren’t allowed to be used in theaters; did they not get the memo?

Friendly Neighbor

You would think that your neighborhood is secure. That’s why we don’t have much use for gates, and we’re accommodating to strangers. But don’t get too familiar with them, and keep a healthy sense of distrust. Sometimes, you will be met with people who are like this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/francoisjammin

Do you think he purposely went out to steal something? Because it’s not everyday that you have a mobile blowtorch with you unless your job called for it. We hope the person who took the picture immediately called 911, refusing to save this thief some time to get away with it.

Passing the Blame

Gabi Fischer had intended to take a leisurely run about at the mall. Like any shopper, she parked near the entrance. How irritating it must have been to come out ready to head home, only to discover how she’d been inconvenienced by this entitled driver.

Image courtesy of FischerinGabi/Twitter

He failed to see that it had been his mistake for that narrow entrance to his seat. This annoying situation is all too common, but imagine if it had been both sides blocked in. Then entering the car would have been next to impossible!


Store attendants are unlucky for landing shifts during any big sale that their employer is touting. Apart from having to work overtime, they are left to box, unbox, pair and store away hundreds of these, discarded by careless customers who aren’t willing to think beyond their own needs.

Image courtesy of Dump A Day

The least any female customer could do was to put the pair by the side, and tell the attendant they’ve changed their mind. The management could also hire more staff to keep up with the influx of customers during these rough seasons.

Natural Cleanser

It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to rather than actually putting their refuse where it belongs in a trash can. You have to wonder whether it requires more brainpower to find the garbage or to instead rethink the concept of where trash ought to belong.

Image Courtesy of Kastamo Nuta Sarim

Someone shoved a wet wipe in this pitcher plant, and no, it’s not biodegradable. Even if it were, it should go in the compost or the appropriate trash bin. Yes, the plant has enzymes in it, but those are to digest flies, not to break down your refuse.

Mid-Store Shift

As you’re going through the aisles, you might pick items in quantities you might not really need. So on the way to the cashier, with the budget you have in mind, you might casually remove a product and leave it on a different shelf.

Image courtesy of

Not that there’s anything criminal about it, but that’s just adding an unnecessary assignment for the grocery staff. They have to locate odd items and return them. And to be honest, from all other angles, they could have easily overlooked this hidden milk jug, leaving it to expire.

Mass Extinction

There’s a whole mass of pie that’s gone missing. And it had gone to food heaven while leaving in its wake an indistinct hole. It’s a pure desecration of many hours of labor. How did they even take that square-inch of pie?

Image courtesy of themagni52/Reddit

Next time we leave a dessert on the counter, we’re taking no chances. We’re cutting it into pre-determined slices ahead of time to avoid this atrocity. There’s no way sweet-tooths are going to allow anyone to defile the perfect dessert; it’s a matter of principle!

Late Breakfast

This family thought of having breakfast at the movie theater rather than, well, on their kitchen table. Apparently they couldn’t miss the early premiere showing of whatever film this was. They bought themselves cereal boxes and gallons of milk. How about chopped bananas to complete the meal?

Image courtesy of Maebyline/Reddit

And being the family unit that they are, they collectively chose to leave their trash for others to clean. That’s because they hadn’t finished it, and now those cereals have gone all soggy. Guess breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.

Hurried Biking

Face palm. Do you think this guy didn’t know how to use the bike stand? Is that possibly why he used the whole thing? We can’t really see a lock anywhere, so it begs the question: would you dare reposition it to teach him a lesson?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Varoeldurr

If you have pedaled several miles already, the least you’d want is a rack to place your bicycle on. Knowing the difficulty in transport, you would probably more empathetic to other bikers. We know we certainly wouldn’t treat them this way.

Fresh Catch

No, we’re not referring to him, but the hopefully fresh catch he’s proudly holding up. Don’t they prohibit food products, especially raw ones or ones that are not well-packaged, onto the train? How’d he manage to get past security wielding that thing?

Image courtesy of My Health Gazette

Or had he taken the fish out of a cooler and posed with it just because he felt like it? No one wants to see it this far from the river or from the kitchen. You have to wonder just how bad it smelled. Those poor passengers!

Arm Rests

There are a growing number of reasons why we dislike some game-watchers. They’ve gotten too familiar with the outside world, and now they treat public spaces as their couches. And that straw! Well, that’s good as gone now. We wouldn’t want to taste armpit sweat with our Gatorade.

Image courtesy of Pleated Jeans

Maybe she really thought it was an armrest. But we would have thought it’s an uncomfortable one, and upon realizing our error, we would have profusely apologized to the victim. So much for going limited edition on that reusable cup.

Live Streaming Session

This is why we prefer phones to tablets or laptops when recording on site. They’re not only bulky and strenuous to lift, but they’re also a rather obnoxious way to block the view for audience members situated in the back.

Image courtesy of 9gag

Whatever happened to enjoying the live performance? That’s what it’s meant to be: the amazing experience of just you and the music. Let other people enjoy the performance of their favorite bands, and while you’re at it, grant the other fans some space to actually see them.

Peaceful Slumber

We know we wouldn’t want a partner who treats us this way, let alone a roommate. One evening, you’re sporting a military haircut like Jason Statham, and the next you’re going to have to go bald to even out the surface area.

Image courtesy of Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

No wonder some people are light sleepers. They’ve probably endured any number of pranks pulled on them while they were asleep. Good thing this guy’s a looker even with a asymmetric cut. One month tops and he’ll be back to being a Transporter.

Visual Impairment

In most public parking lots, there are a couple of spaces right near the property which have been reserved for persons with disabilities so they will have a shorter walk. And this driver thought to occupy all of these spaces because he was impaired…visually.

Image courtesy of Dump a Day

It’s funny how some people are selectively perceptive in the most selfish of ways. They can only appreciate logos, signage, bills or instructions for as long as it suits their purpose. Can we ask the attendant to hold their order? Void, please!

Restocking Shelves

What is it with entitlement and with women named Karen? Maybe coffee stores should only cater to customers who demonstrate their intimate understanding of putting a cup in a bin after usage. Of all the places to throw out your drink, this has got to be one of the more unpleasant ones.

Image Courtesy of ImGur

That is way uncool, Karen, but beyond being a nasty thing to do to store employees, it’s also not exactly the most foolproof. After all, who leaves a piece of evidence with their fingerprints and name on them? Use your brain!

Routine Gymnastics

We’re unsure just what this woman is doing. She doesn’t look like a stewardess reaching for a child’s toy. Besides, don’t they have certain protocol when stooping down? The wider the base of support, the lesser the chance of falling while the flight is mid-air.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail UK

So just what did this woman have in mind when she took over the center aisle for use as a yoga mat? We’re hoping for her dignity that she was able to get some followers from this brave move. Should yoga be taught in airplanes: yay or nay? We’re leaning towards nay.

Millionaire Ride

To be fair, this driver had good intentions when he complied with the parking area allotments. He couldn’t drive any further to the left because there’s a pole on that end. This would have to be the automobile version of a cat saying, “If I fits, I sits.”

Image courtesy of

Maybe the driver is awaiting his passenger who has gone into the building, or trying to stop someone with his own improvised barricade. This is a definite hassle for an enclosed parking space. With no U-turns or detours and only 5 minutes on the clock, you’re bound to be late.

Rough Play

This is every rugby player’s worst nightmare. Imagine having to run at your max speed then skidding into a whole lot of soil and stones to score a goal. Would you have a run at this, or call for maintenance to fix this?

Image courtesy of Moby323/Reddit

Who parks their car on a center field and leaves such damage as this? Did they have spikes for wheels? Was that a military tank they were driving? Whatever happened and whatever bad choices were made in the process, this miser has totally ruined this grassy pitch.

Desperate Driving

In some countries, there’s a surplus of automobiles. They take up the space where public roads once existed. And with too many vehicles, you’re bound to have even more trouble finding a parking space than usual. So car owners deal with these shortages in interesting ways.

Image courtesy of

As you go through this list, you’re going to start thinking parking is an art. Some people have crafty ways of dealing with a lack of parking spaces, while others defy common sense. You almost wonder how easy it could be to tip this car over.

Parental Support

We never had this degree of support growing up. A small misdemeanor means we’ll be grounded for a week, without viewing privileges. Say a naughty word, and you’re bound to have to put a coin in the swear jar. But this relative seems to take a liking for social unrest.

Image courtesy of Tron Travolta/Reddit

Look at that glint in her eye. While her outfit seems conservative enough, it seems as though this grandma is quite the rebel, and she’s looking to pass that spirit on down to the youngest generation. But by the end of it, they’ll be fined for a thousand dollars.

Who’s The Boss?

The woman who carried out this massive prank reinforced the matriarchal claim that women truly rule the kingdom. When she had learned that her partner had been cheating on her, she quickly vandalized his car in the most unexpected way.

Image courtesy of

That’s nearly a year’s supply of sanitary napkins pasted there. There’s no lasting damage to the paint, but this guy was certainly emasculated and looked down upon by the whole block. We hope she didn’t cover the plate number on the back.

Clearing The Streets

Our hearts go out to this man. He had been laid off work and had trouble landing a job. So months after, he turned over the keys and hit the streets. Someone was unkind enough to slash his tent. Imagine having a thin layer of privacy, hacked away be a total stranger.

Image Courtesy of Gerowland/Reddit

To say this was uncalled for would be an understatement. As they say, man is a wolf to man. Can’t we show some people just a little bit of empathy? Who would want to live on the streets willingly? Have a little compassion towards your fellow man.

Unfriendly Reminder

A note from a loved one can be a lovely thing to discover by surprise. But what about a whole room of blank notes? Imagine if that were your supply for the whole semester. Taking them off one by one is a pain, but how else could you deal with this decoupage?

Image courtesy of

And what is going on with those rows of styrofoam cups on the floor? That’s just a waste of resources. Now that they are dirty, they are going straight to the bin without having been used. Any environmentalist would be triggered.

Destructive Art

Some unsolicited artworks are worth displaying. The best part about them is that viewing them is free; just stroll past them. These artists deserve the opportunity to express themselves in this unused space. But someone opted to ruin that lovely contribution to society.

Image courtesy of Green Lemon

That’s like a white-out on a typographical error where there hadn’t been a mistake in the first place. At least the artwork still looks beautiful despite having been defaced. Maybe we can paint over that graffiti artist’s signature and withhold the attention he obviously craves.

Compact Parking

Can we talk about the obvious tension between these cars? In a bid to establish dominance, this driver parked his customized car beside a Mini Cooper. It’s jutting out arrogantly into the road, and that’s why this space was designated for compact cars only.

Image courtesy of Reddit/spsheridan

Guess the driver’s seat was just a bit too far up for him to see the post on the gravel. What is it with pompous people? This truly seems like a case of someone who’s compensating for what he lacks in another department.

Toys In Action

And we thought sales attendants in the shoes department had it bad. If you were to start your shift or even engage with this wildly disorganized mess at some point during your employment, you’d be likely to reconsider having kids.

Image courtesy of Reddit/treclays

We have to wonder how this aisle even got to this state in the first place. We wish parents could be more considerate towards other customers. After all, how they act will be copied by their kids. That’s a potential disgrace two decades into the future.

Package Delivery

We have a delivery for Mrs. Cumberbatch. What could the delivery be? Is it the flowers or the carton box? The way the deliveryman had so aesthetically plonked the box atop the soil made us reconsider if someone had the hots for us.

Image courtesy of Reddit/johnnysmitch

Maybe there’s bad blood between the mailman and the customer, or maybe the deliverer was just being thoughtful. Not wanting to ruin the integrity of the carton box, he placed it somewhere dry but filled with compost. Good job! Way to think inside the box!

It’s A Boy!

We share our enthusiasm with any couple who’s awaiting the arrival of their child. And while we’re finding ourselves hard-pressed to understand the urgency of gender reveals, we’re also not going to be a party-pooper. That being said, we have a few notes.

Image courtesy of Reddit/InterviewBrief

Here’s a thought, since babies don’t have a sense of gender roles, how about we go old school and wait for the conclusive determination of gender after delivery? That way we don’t have to litter the ground with confetti and leave it for someone else to clean.

Stretching Joints

This is why we detest economy class. People board the train thinking they can unwind and take up space as if they were in their houses. You have to wonder how some people were raised to just not care about anyone else around them.

Image courtesy of Reddit/albo_underhill

For other people’s sake, we hope they’re not going to use those armrests. We’ve heard that a lot of different things are left unsanitized on the plane, including, disgustingly enough, those tray tables. We can do away with those, but armrests are another thing entirely!

No Reservations

Reservations, like rules, are made to be broken. That’s the mindset of some people. Reserve a seat for one, for the sake of legitimacy, but occupy both or as many as you can, because surely your sleep demands comfort, no matter where you are.

Image courtesy of

We hope she had a good night’s rest, and that her conscience bothers her for the rest of her waking hours. It was explained that the backstory behind this is that she had two free seats beside her. The man beside her went for a quick bathroom run, and he came back without a seat for the remaining 9 hours.

Just Like Mud

We hope that’s fast-drying cement stuck to her wheels, because that’s the only justice that can be served for this obnoxious move. The only reason those roadblocks were put up was to repair the road, and this driver not only inconvenienced the construction workers but other drivers for the next two weeks.

Image courtesy of When In Manila

You’d think that a person who was qualified enough to pass the test to get a driver’s license would at least have the comprehension skills to let the concrete dry, but some people just want to see the world burn.

Robbery She Warned

We love sauces. Gravy, ketchup, mustard; we can go on and on. They help us personalize our fast-food options, and we all have our own particular preferences. And it seems this woman feels more than a bit passionately about her own.

Image courtesy of Oxygen

But unlike her, we wouldn’t resort to threats. Look how unapologetic she is. There’s a half-manic glint in her eyes that would warn you that she will have those sauces one way or another. She will help herself to the packets in the storage room if need be.

Web Of Deceit

In the best-case scenario, your students look fondly at you, and some even drop by your class at year’s end to tell you how much your lectures meant to them. And then, of course, there’s an an entirely different kind of pupil.

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Maybe you could have the kids in detention spend their time cleaning the room up. Give them something useful to do . Make them productive members of the high school community. But make sure to have the locks changed. We don’t want a rerun.

Free Ride

Do you know the fastest way to get a lift from one location to another? Park illegally or park atop those lines, and watch your ride move effortlessly. Take for example, this joker, who didn’t quite realize that size is not, in fact, everything.

Image courtesy of D Drive

It’s a relief to know that there’s a certain kind of justice in the world, and it would appear that the towing company came promptly and corrected the situation. They directly addressed the problem and forced the driver to report to authorities.

Ill Intentions

This is a clear confession of guilt, and he’s printed and pasted it on a piece of plain paper. We’d hope he could be brought in for questioning but this type of inconveniences, unfortunately, are all too expected in sports matches.

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The best way to side with the victim is to ignore these people. Don’t give them the attention they crave on the big screen at half-time. Let them hold that piece of paper strenuously until their muscles begin to cramp.

Temper Tantrums

What do you do when you can’t find your favorite batch of cookies? Do you have your mum or your partner bake them, perhaps? Make cooing sounds while you nudge them towards the counter? Or would you dare make a mess of the whole aisle like this?

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Unfortunately, that’s exactly what this woman did. She couldn’t find Great Value Vanilla Cookies at Walmart, so she unleashed her fury on innocent grocery attendants. Of all the things to fly into a rage about at Walmart, we have to admit this is not something we would have guessed.

Look, No touch

We never understood how frustrating it is to look at someone, or something, we cannot have, until now. No wonder some people become absolutely ruthless. With enough time spent in the bathroom stall, maybe we can gnaw on that cable.

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Yes, you guessed it: this was in a school bathroom, a prank pulled by one of the students. The only comfort is that there are scissors not too far away from the bathroom, but you’ll be more than a bit uncomfortable trotting on over to retrieve them.

Cushioned Seats

This woman probably thought she would go unnoticed if she looked the other way. If you’re sitting atop our favorite brand of bread, that most basic necessities among foods, then that would surely be more than enough to catch our attention.

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Don’t get too comfortable in your seat. We’ve already called management and they’ll be escorting you off the premises. Here’s a great way to not ruin the store merchandise: consider parking your buns elsewhere, and not on, say, the buns themselves.

Tipping The Waiter

When you’re working odd shifts and catering to a bar full of strangers, the least anyone can do is to show appreciation for your work is by way of leaving you a tip. But customers, take note: never serve it like this.

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Nice trick, but your bartender knows how to get out of that mess no problem. He’ll steady the glass atop the plate, turn it over, then remove the plate. There won’t be much pressure. Just hang those $40 dollars to dry!

Crooked Lines

We hate having to fall in line. Our mind automatically assumes that 5-minute wait is going to waste a decade of our life. So we’re sure you can share our indignance at this woman who decided she was just going to form her own line.

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Let’s be real, there’s few places where anyone is going to fall for this ruse and just let you cut in. If you’re a senior citizen or a person with a disability, better have that ID in your bag and ready for inspection.

Paper Bills

Some capitalists have lost any semblance of integrity. They are more concerned about cutting trees in order to make paper bills out of them. Tell us, will those give you enough shade? Do those Franklins filter the gunk from the air well?

Image courtesy of Boston Globe

It’s a pity to see nearly centuries-old trees cut down for the most inessential items. There’s an unwritten history in those barks and stems. Now they’ve just cut it down for a cruel laugh, and left nothing but waste in its stead.

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