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The “Jerk- Cat” Of The Year Award Goes To…

If by now you did not know, cats are the internet’s biggest sensation. Moody, dominant, arrogant from time to time but all in all funny, cats managed to make the whole wide world fall in love with them and with their mysterious and spontaneous personalities. Despite their bossy attitude, and even though it is scientifically proven that cats see humans as servants, people still want them. And not only that but some pay crazy money to get them and keep them in the lifestyle they think they deserve. While we’re more pro-adoption, we have to admit that there is nothing wrong with spending some cash in order to spoil your fur baby. But what if we tell you that cats kind of feel entitled to everything you give them, and even to the things that you don’t? Here are some of the most ungrateful, jerkiest yet funny cats you will see on the internet today.

Meet Tommy!

Here, in the following picture, is Tommy. According to his owner, Tommy is not allowed to jump on the kitchen counter. But does Tommy care about what his owner wants him to do or not? The answer is, as you expected, no.

Photo courtesy of

After screaming at him to get off the kitchen counter, Tommy decided to prove to his owner that the real boss is Tommy and not the there way around. So what did Tommy do? He put his paw right on the kitchen counter. The amount of defiance shown in just one picture…

*Inserts mischievous hahaha*

Imagine coming home super excited after a horrible day at your 9 to 5 job only for you to find this. Not only is the trash spread everywhere around the kitchen but you are also greeted by a very angry cat. What a jerk!

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Well, if only you knew the reason behind his rebellious act, you’d understand why. Turns out that Mr. Fatty here was forced to go on a diet. Hunger is not a feeling and sensation to mess with, and we can totally understand his desperate outburst.

“What do you want, minion?”

The person who said that animals do not have facial expressions did not know what he was saying. The faces of these two fellas are so expressive you can actually understand what went down there. All we can say is poor bunny!

Photo courtesy of

Being bullied is so bad but living with the tormenter under the same roof is even worse. We can only hope that their human solved the situation and asked the kitty to go lay on her bed. The bed that she has never used because that’s how cats are.

Allie does not care

Do you want any more proof that cats are jerks? Or that cats will always do stuff to prove their point? If the answer is yes, well, there it is. Here is Allie, whose owner knows she’s nosey and that she loves claiming things by sitting on them.

Photo courtesy of

One thing is for sure. Nothing and nobody will stand in between Allie and Allie annoying her humans just for the fun of it. And when we say “nothing,” we mean it because it turns out that not even a very tall vending machine will stop her.

Say cheese!

The pandemic forced the majority of people to do their jobs and courses online from the comfort of their homes. The comfort of one’s home can mean doing a Zoom conference while you’re still in bed but also having your pet disturb the peace in some way or another.

Photo courtesy of

Like this jerk pictured above, who decided that it would be a great idea to jump in front of the camera while her human was attending her virtual class, and not only that but add some spice to it by showing her behind to the whole class and the teacher. What a complete jerk!

Evil cat is evil

According to the person who posted this picture, his beloved cat came home after one of his usual night adventures, holding a key in his mouth. He brought back someone’s key and, together with it, as you can see, no remorse at all.

Photo courtesy of

Meanwhile, somewhere in the neighborhood, there was a very stressed neighbor who was desperately looking to find his house key. We bet a locksmith was called that day to come and replace the lock of the neighbor’s front door.

Find the lost piece

This guy pictured below saw his human trying to do a puzzle, and he assumed that his human is into playing games. So to make it more interesting for his humans, kitty decided to play a game of ” find the lost puzzle piece.”

Photo courtesy of

While we know for sure this was a very fun game for kitty, the owner not only did not appreciate the game but also landed up hating it. Why? Because it turns out that he turned the house upside down, looking for the missing piece.

So proud

If the word “proud” would have a facial expression, this guy’s would definitely be it. Proud and satisfied is written all over this ginger kitten’s face. We can not help but wonder what was written on his owner’s face at that same moment?

Photo courtesy

Because, if you ask us, we feel like kitty was in a bit of trouble for the little art project he made of his human’s headphones. Well, it looks like kitty is not aware, and we can only hope he started running and got a head start right after his owner finished taking the picture.

It’s not what it looks like

If this cat’s owner felt the need to write this message and tape it to his door’s window, we can only imagine the number of people who were concerned about his cat and knocked at his door to understand what is happening to the feline in the door.

Photo courtesy of

To their surprise, the only thing that was wrong with this cat was that he loved staying all uncomfortably in the door’s window while the passerby’s thought all sorts of things. Not only are they jerks, but cats are weird jerks.

The interior design cat

If you are thinking of redecorating your house, we present to you: the interior design cat. The must-have “paw” that will make your house look phenomenal. His talent is unique, and his go-to style is an abstract haphazard look.

Photo courtesy of mikenmar

Captured right in the middle of his act, the interior design cat has a very unique way of redecorating. He is usually arranging the decorations in such a way that the average human eye would see them as untidy and crooked. But not from this cat’s point of view, because his work is nothing but art.

Meet Atticus!

Hello, there! Meet Atticus, a very precious cat. And when we say “precious,” we mean it. According to his owner, the picture was taken straight after he came home from the Intensive Care Unit at the local vets’ office, where he was rushed because of his poor general state.

Photo courtesy of jess_talah_atticus

After the vets did some long examinations and ran a battery of tests, all the while his humans were spending many stressful hours pacing in the waiting area, it turned out that Atticus’s state was due to his constipation. All is well when it ends well, right? Not for Atticus’s human who had to pay out of his pocket the astonishing amount of 2536$. Ouch, that must have hurt!

Sleep tight!

This cat’s owner did not stress over covering her salad container, and we get why. Cats don’t eat veggies, so who would think that the salad would spark this little guy’s interest in such a way? This boy is one of a kind.

Photo courtesy of /Burritoworld

As cute as this boy is sleeping in the salad container, we can only hope two things. One that the owner had more veggies in her fridge to remake her salad. And two that kitty loves showers because the salad’s dressing might have gotten his fur all dirty.

Oh, hi human!

This is Furgus, the cat. He loves eating chicken; he loves his treats, some milk every now and then, but what he loves the most is sleeping on the stairs in weird positions. And one of them is pictured below.

Photo courtesy of ST86X

Yes, Furgus is all cute and funny, but this guy is either unaware, or he just likes living life to the fullest. If we haven’t been more clear, let us explain. The stairs’ carpet is grey, Furgus is gray, and the lighting there is bad. Furgus, it’s time for you to find new activities before your human falls down the stairs because of you!

Privacy? What is that?

The two little rascals pictured below look like they have been working on their plan for quite a while. The mission? Finding out what their human is doing behind the curtain. Their job? One watches while the other one moves the curtain.

Photo courtesy of kenlayne

It looks like their plan was successful. The curtain was moved, what their human was doing was watched and noted. Great job, guys! Not only have you succeeded, but you also managed to give us a good picture to laugh at.

Not happy

Looks like someone was not happy with what their human was planning to cook for lunch that day. So in order to stop her and make her rethink it, someone decided it would be a good idea to do a peepee on her human’s rice.

Photo courtesy of /TheLoxFox

As funny as it is, we are sure that we would be really angry if we were in his owner’s shoes. Another thing we are sure of is that no matter how angry we might be, we would definitely take the picture too and take revenge by embarrassing our cat online.

Quarantine day…

At this point, we do not even know what day of the quarantine it is, but we do know one thing. Our cats are desperate and do not understand why we barely leave our homes and why we are always there to invade their personal space.

Photo courtesy of / meister2a

So it looks like the kitty pictured above has had enough of it and was willing to take some action. The pandemic is hard for our pets, too, so all we can say in this case is: Run, human! Ruuuuuuuuuun!

The thief

The person who posted the pictures below is a real Sherlock Holmes. After she spent a good half an hour in front of the stove to make her dinner, she left her bowl unattended for two seconds only to come back and notice that something was missing.

Photo courtesy of /bbykaa

One of the egg halves that she added to her noodles. She looked under the coffee table; she went and looked in the kitchen only to come back and see her boy happily eating the half of the egg he stole from his mommy bowl. Lucky for his cute face, his mischievous act was soon forgiven.

Toilet paper lover

According to this cat’s serf, she loves playing with toilet paper. While just playing with it would not disturb anybody, the fact that she always ends up shredding it and spreading it all over the house is a big problem for her owner.

Photo courtesy of skank__hunt

She decided to hide all her toilet paper rolls in boxes. She thought it was a good idea, and it was. This until the smarty pants managed to open the boxes and found her stash. Looks like someone needs to find a new place to hide her toilet paper.

Public announcement

We do not know how to feel about this message taped on the door of a library. We don’t understand why they wouldn’t let Max inside the library? Supposedly he is a nice cat, and he loves being inside the library.

Photo courtesy of cool_cat_max_and_gracie

As it is written, Max wants to be in there so badly we can only assume it is because he loves reading books. Why are they trying to make Max stay away from his books? We can not tolerate people that are dream killers. Let Max in, for goodness sake!

Cat owner life hack

It is known that cats are so independent they love leaving their houses to roam around freely in the neighborhood. Do you have a cat like this? If the answer is yes, take notes because this cat’s owner found the best cat hack ever.

Photo courtesy of

And this is getting your cat a collar with your number on it and a small message for the potential persons who find it. Like the message above, the owner made sure that his four-legged little jerk will always come back home.

Cats vs décor

Having plants and nice decorations around the house when you have a cat can be a real headache. Cats are curious pets, and the life span of that new plant you plan on taking home might be limited. So is the life of that vase you’re looking at.

Photo courtesy of Funkofairy

And if you still have doubts about it, here is an excellent proof that cats are totally against having décor objects around their homes. Oh, so you thought you could do decorate your home the way you wanted? Not when you have a cat.

Aloe Vera trend

It’s been quite a while since the Aloe Vera started trending. Internal use, skincare, and even decorative, Aloe Vera can do all that. It turns out the kitty pictured below read about Aloe Vera’s benefits and wanted to get in on the action. However, Aloe can be poisonous for cats, so kitty would be better off finding another fad to follow.

Photo courtesy of /titas_goji

For a healthy on the inside and on the outside cat, it is advisable to research what plants you shouldn’t keep at home if you have a bad kitty who enjoys chewing on anything it can sink its fangs into. None of us want to be testing the 9 lives theory after all.

The thief

Meet every neighbor’s biggest fear and foe, Mr. Whiskers! He may look like a complete sweetheart, but you know what they say: looks can be deceiving. As it turns out, Mr. Whiskers is one dangerous and mischief-causing thief.

Photo courtesy of /Cats_Rulez

This boy went on his normal stroll around the neighborhood and came back carrying one juicy sausage stolen from someone’s BBQ party. What a bad guy! We can only hope that this unfortunate event did not destroy the neighbor’s party or mood.

Enough is enough!

There are some cats that are triggered by the fact that their humans spend more time at home. And then there are cats that enjoy it and the extra attention they are given by their human companions. This guy below is one of them.

Photo courtesy of iamllamma

His human has been spending too much time in front of the computer, and enough is enough! Suffering from the lack of attention, this boy decided to defeat the enemy laptop that was distracting his person. Who do you think won the battle?

How is the weather out there?

The award for the evilest, mischievous, and biggest jerk cat of the day goes to this guy right here. When his two humans pulled over to change their seats, this guy decided that, while they were outside, he should lock the doors.

Photo courtesy of / GuyYeti

And that’s exactly what he did. He jumped on the lock and managed to lock all the doors of the car. This while his humans were outside in the rain trying to find a solution to open the doors. Mind you; the car keys were in the car. What a blessing to have a cat like this, right?

Stay away, kitty!

This cat owner might have found the best remedy to keep his curious kitty away from his delicious plate. You, too, would have probably never thought of this, but here it is, a water toy gun. Our minds are blown.

Photo courtesy of eternal_starfish

This person is such a genius. Why we never thought of this before, we don’t know, but we will definitely rush to the shop to buy a water gun too. This way, we won’t have to fight with our cat for our food anymore.

Look at me, human!

Attention seeking much? This ball of fluff decided to act all cute and pretty for her human, who was busy eating dinner. How did she do that? Well, let’s say her unique attempt might have gotten her owner’s bread a bit hairy.

Photo courtesy of /kingonxhe

But looking at her cute face, we think it was all worth it. Since she had time to take a picture, we also assume that her owner thought the same and did not scold the kitty for trying to seek her attention.

The intelligent one

Ever since the baby came into this cat’s family, his humans have not been giving him the same amount of attention that they used to give him. Not even the very early morning meowing for food won’t make the humans wake up to give him what he wants.

Photo courtesy of _cingraham

So what did kitty do in order to get his humans to pay him attention? He discovered that if he goes into the baby’s room and wakes the baby up, his humans will wake up too. Yeah, the result might be a crying baby, but at least someone’s stomach will be full.

That annoying neighbor

No matter what part of the world you live in, it is mandatory that you have a neighbor that you find annoying. It turns out this not only happens in the human world but in the animal world too.

Photo courtesy of snoee

These two neighbors here do not really like each other that much. According to the person who shared this picture, the neighbor’s cat always comes to her window just to scream and hiss at her cat, and all this for no reason at all. Well, that’s an annoying neighbor, right?

No means no, human!

This guy’s cat was sick, so he decided to take it to the vet to see what was wrong with her. did she like the idea? Well, it turns out she hated the idea of having to go to the vet, so she made sure her human was too busy to take her there.

Photo courtesy of davidjschloss

How did she do it? She gave her human the biggest nose scratch she could have given him. So big that he needed to go as fast as possible to the Human Urgent Care unit. Ouch, that might have hurt! What a bad kitty!

The LIKE button

We don’t know exactly if this is just us or it’s a general thing, but we find the like button on Facebook Messenger quite offensive and ironic. We are aware that not everybody shares our opinion, and that is ok.

Photo courtesy of /keopidor

One of those who likes using the LIKE button and do not think there is anything wrong with it is definitely this kitten. The kitty pictured above found her human’s phone and decided to send some likes to her friends to make their day better. Turns out her human’s friends might share the same opinion as us. Oh well, it’s the intention that matters, right?

Oh, I didn’t see you there, human!

What a beautiful day to go to the restroom and play around with human’s toilet paper. Looks like this ball of fur pictured below had such a good time; she forgot that her human forbids her to play with the rolls of loo paper.

Photo courtesy of /Miqui

Oh well, it looks like the moment she saw her angry owner watching her having fun might have reminded her that what she was doing was a big No-No. We don’t know how this encounter ended up, but we have a feeling that kitty has to clean the mess she made.

No more eating for you!

Dieting- a simple word that speaks volumes to most of us. Dieting is something that not many can do because it requires strength, it requires patience, and most importantly, it requires consistency. All this makes it hard for us, at least, to follow a diet thoroughly.

Photo courtesy of Alexandru84

But it looks like this cat owner might have found the best tool to help him in his struggle with dieting: his jerk cat. Oh well, jerk, but with a good reason. Yes, the way he makes his human stop eating might be considered rude, but at least it makes his human stay away from food. Gotta love having this kind of support!


Privacy, what is that? Those who own cats or have toddlers know that there is no such thing as privacy. And if you think that maybe these people get to have some alone time when they go to the restroom, oh well, you are far from being right.

Photo courtesy of pantiesUpinabunch

Why? Because it seems that the act of going to the toilet makes them want to disturb you even more. Just like this annoying cat pictured above who thought it would be a good idea to pull her mom’s hair while she was doing her business. This cat has no shame!

9 lives

Sometimes when we look at some cats, at their courage and at how recklessly they do certain things, we wonder if they are aware or not that they come into this world with 9 lives. They have to be aware of this!

Photo courtesy of tinselpandora

Because we can not explain how they could be this fearless if they didn’t know, like this cat in the picture above who is just walking on the rail like it’s not really 7 floors off the ground, clueless that she could fall and really hurt herself.

Separation anxiety

Even if this cat’s owner considered that his cat was a bit of a jerk for what she did, we can only be understanding with poor kitten. According to her owner, she decided to jump into his work van and join him at work.

Photo courtesy of makenzie71

Did the owner know? No, but he found out after 84 miles when kitty started to “speak” to her human, alerting him of her presence in the back of the vehicle. It looks like someone might have enjoyed her “bring your child to work” day.


Imagine getting busy on a 1000 piece puzzle-making challenge. You work at it for days. As much relaxation as it brings you, sometimes you get frustrated when you can’t make the pieces fit. But the amount of satisfaction you get when the puzzle is almost finished is second to none.

Photo courtesy of

Well, it was good while it lasted because Kitty here made sure her owner will not get to finish his puzzle anytime soon. Does she feel any remorse for what she did? To us, it looks like she is definitely enjoying the tears her human was shedding while taking this picture.

The sweet taste of revenge

If you look closely at the cat in the picture below, you will see the face of sheer satisfaction. Matter of fact, if satisfaction was a facial expression, this would totally be it. The reason for his smug face? The sweet taste of revenge.

Photo courtesy of sufficiently_sp00ked

According to his owner, this cat is always fed his favorite wet cat food when she comes back home from work. Well, on this particular day, she went for a drink right after work, and kitty did not like it. So to prove a point and take revenge, she opened the bag of bread rolls and took a bite from each. Mischievous cat, but that was actually very well played kitty!

Bath time was yesterday

The ball of fluff pictured below had just had a bath the previous day. According to his human, bath time is mission impossible for both of them, and neither one of them enjoy it very much at all. But since he likes hunting outside, this needs to be done from time to time.

Photo courtesy of tango_anzai

Looking at this picture, we can assume that someone forgot how much he hates taking baths. Hopefully, that someone does not hate being brushed because we can not see any other way to take all those leaves and dirt from his fluffy fur.

Sharing is caring

Another con of owning cats, besides the no privacy and alone time thing, is also always having to share your food. For the next 15 years (the average life span for a cat), you will most definitely be protecting your next meal from your little ball of fur.

Photo courtesy of JordanUhl

There is no such thing as “I don’t want to do it.” Do not even try to hide while eating because your cat will hunt you down and make sure you will share that yummy pizza with it. Get used to the idea, human, this is your life now.

Coffee with a touch of cat flavor

For all the coffee lovers that own cats, if you do not want to drink your coffee with a touch of cat flavor, make sure to cover your cup. These cats have no shame and will show no remorse after ruining your day and your coffee too.

Photo courtesy of ExtensiveNegligence

The audacity and courage of this cat… It looks to us that her human did not finish his coffee. And according to science, a human that did not drink enough coffee in the morning is a grumpy human. All we can say is: run as fast as you can, kitty!

What a precious cat!

This young fella right here wanted to get his minion’s attention. After multiple attempts that failed, he found one way that worked like magic. It made him get what he wanted even though it was a bit extreme: biting the corner of his human’s laptop.

Photo courtesy of bengalguy

And unexpectedly the screen of the laptop cracked. It turns out the human did not appreciate at all what his cat had done. The human had to pay good money out of his pocket just to repair the art piece his jerk of a cat had made.

Spoiled cat

This gingy cat was left with his human aunty while his dad was away for a couple of days. Apparently, all of a sudden he started meowing for no reason so his aunty, very worried, texted his father to ask him what to do next.

Photo courtesy of annotyn

It turned out that kitty, who had his food and water bowls full, just needed attention and cuddles. Once kitty was picked up, kitty stopped meowing and automatically switched over to purring. And that’s how the problem was solved. Easy, right?

You’re welcome!

Imagine starting your day off with a little surprise from your loved one. What a dream! But what if the little surprise is a dead mouse that was left for you in your favorite shoe. Then the dream surprise becomes a nightmare.

Photo courtesy of annotyn

It is known that cats hunt and love to bring their catches back to their humans as tokens of appreciation. Some say they do this because they love us and that they want us to eat. In contrast, others think that cats assume we do not know how to hunt for ourselves, and they feel pity for us. No matter what the reason is, it’s the intention that matters!

The best for last

We’ve gotten to the last image of this article, and as you already know, we saved the best for last. We have seen a couple of jerk cats, but they were not as dangerous as this woman’s four-legged “friend.”

Photo courtesy of

If we can even call him a “friend” because this guy almost blew his human’s house up while she and her family were fast asleep. The award for the jerkiest and dangerous cat goes to the Smith family’s cat! Congratulations!