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Have Children, It Will Be Great, They Said

Babies are blessings. They make life fun, interesting, and sometimes uncomfortable. They put meaning into your life and turn things upside down, both literally and figuratively. They disturb a good night’s sleep; they cry whenever they want something, but sometimes you can’t even tell what they’re asking for. However, babies are all darn cute and adorable, and they make a stressful day seem like a walk in the park when they kiss and hug you once you get home. Babies, you can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Before you start popping out babies, you better make sure that you have an endless supply of patience because you’re going to need it in abundance. We’ve compiled funny parenting moments which are surely going to put a smile on your face. Life with a baby is interesting, to say the least.

#1 Giving birth to a kiwi baby

Kiwis are great when paired with ice cream because it’s very low in calories even though it’s sweet. We’ve never taken a long hard look at kiwis before seeing this photo. We just peel it, cut it in half and eat it.

Image courtesy of Rockmedia/Twitter

However, nowadays, we can’t look at kiwis without unseeing the image of a baby’s head because of this photo. Hey, you have to admit that they look good together. We are almost 100 percent sure that it was the father who came up with this stunt.

#2 Behold, the wonders of the garage

Babies seeing things for the first time leaves adults in amusement, and most of the time, in fits of laughter. Something as simple as a TV turning on or a door closing and opening is enough to leave them awestruck as if they just saw the most magical thing ever.

Image courtesy of SlimJones123/Reddit

Just look at this baby discovering the electric garage door for the first time. The baby looks like it’s blown out of its mind. What wonders could the space behold? Seeing the baby’s reaction leaves you with an impression that there’s something extra out of the ordinary hiding in there.

#3 Time to relax

Bath time is very important for babies. Not only does it keep your baby fresh, clean, and smelling oh so lovely, it also has cognitive and emotional benefits. Just like it does with adults, baths can relax and de-stress babies.

Image courtesy of brolaire69/Reddit

Having a bath before naptime also promotes a good night’s sleep which is why this adorable fellow is ready and waiting for his bath. Just look at that big smile on his face. Saying that he’s looking forward to bath time is an understatement. The only problem is that he went to the wrong place for his bath.

#4 Is that poop or are you just happy to nap on my back?

Pictorials for a newborn have become the hottest trend these days. According to professional photographers, the best time to take newborn pictures is when they are between five to twelve days old. During this time, babies can be captured in adorable poses.

Image courtesy of Memory Portraits by Gigi/Facebook

This must be what this baby’s parents had in mind. They wanted to have pictures that everyone will look back on with delight. However, we’re quite sure that both the parents and the photographer didn’t plan on the baby letting out a bomb when napping on his dad’s back.

#5 Baby is ready for Halloween

One of the challenges for new parents come Halloween is what to dress their babies up as. Should the angel be a baby? That concept is quite boring, and a lot of people have thought of that before. How about dressing up the baby as a movie character? Nothing new with that one either.

Image courtesy of jpanda820/Reddit

These parents got a little creative and decided to dress their baby like a burrito. Look at the adorable munchkin looking snug and happy in his tortilla wrapping! We just hope that there’s no diaper changing required because that’s going to be a big problem.

#6 I can almost taste it

Feeding a baby for the first time is an interesting occasion not only for the baby but for its parents too. Introducing solids to babies is a time that’s filled with memories, laughter, and perhaps a few mishaps. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best time to introduce solids is between 4 and 6 months.

Image courtesy of .crnobelo.com

This baby must have been recently introduced to solids, and she seemed to love them. Want proof? Just look at how she’s salivating over seeing pictures of food in a magazine. Or maybe she’s just hungry because mom forgot to feed her. Sorry, buddy.

#7 I told you not to kiss me!

Do babies love kisses? I guess most adults don’t care; they just want to smother babies with kisses. Who could resist? Babies smell fresh, especially after a bath, and they are beyond adorable. According to experts, kissing babies have benefits.

Image courtesy of TheBanker123456789/Reddit

Kissing boosts their immune system, makes them smarter, and makes them less anxious when they grow up. So, we have every reason to shower little ones with affection. However, this particular baby seems to have had enough, as if it’s trying to say, “Stop It!”

#8 I had the best sleep last night

When you become a new parent, they say that the longest uninterrupted sleep you’ll ever have is three hours. This disheartening fact might have discouraged a few people from parenthood, but it hasn’t deterred many. We want adorable little ones; sleep be damned!

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com/sebastianfiebrig

Babies can take as long as 20 minutes to reach deep sleep and infant sleep cycles are about 45 to 60 minutes. If you’re still wondering why parents just can’t seem to have enough sleep during the nighttime, this photo will explain things clearly.

#9 Dinner’s on mommy, literally

Having a newborn is another reason for the entire family to gather. After all, everyone must meet the newest addition to the family. Cousins, grandparents, and of course, the immediate family must all be introduced to the little angel.

Image courtesy of M-Lin/Reddit

There you are, looking as good as you possibly can with your baby in your arms, laughing and catching up with everyone. Then your baby decides to do what they do best, make an embarrassment out of you by vomiting his dinner all over you. “Shhhh, don’t tell mommy,” this baby seems to say.

#10 They can’t stand to be apart from their little sister

They say that it can be quite a challenge to introduce a new baby to your pets, especially if your attention has been solely on them for a long time. This family doesn’t seem to have to deal with that problem because their pets adore the newest addition to the family.

Image courtesy of onedio.com

Look at them following their sister’s every move. They can’t seem to stand being away from her, even for short periods, and the huskies seem to be having the time of their lives protecting their sister and entertaining her with their antics.

#11 He’s mine now!

This cheeky baby seems to be telling her mother that dad is hers now, and mom can’t do anything about it. Look at her with her tongue out, and daddy only has eyes for her. Daddy better be ready to ward off dozens of boys when she starts growing up. She’s going to be a heartbreaker.

Image courtesy of sydneychase77/Twitter

It’s normal for girl babies to prefer their dad over their mom, which can be due to several reasons. However, parents need to keep in mind that this doesn’t have any bearing on how their future relationship with their kids will turn out.

#12 Feed me!

Is that a zombie in the window? No, it’s way worse. It’s a hungry baby waiting for her mom to feed her. Seriously though, wouldn’t that sight scare you if you didn’t know there’s a toddler in the house? It would surely send us running for the hills. We don’t want to be turned into a meal.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/DJKGinHD

Her mom needs to tell her that she needs to stop doing this to visitors. If she continues with her shenanigans, nobody’s going to come and play with her. Sweet baby Jesus, keep us safe from these little blood-sucking creatures!

#13 Excuse me, there’s a lemur on your baby

Zoos are places of wonder, especially for kids. It can be fun to see their reaction as they are introduced to animals that they only see on television or in books. Some may not be able to contain their excitement, while other kids get scared of the animals.

Image courtesy of Musicats78/Reddit

And there’s another group that remains asleep and doesn’t care what happens, such as this little one. However, the most interesting thing is that while lying there sleeping, a lemur is trying to hitch a ride. Maybe he wanted to escape the zoo’s confines, but he got caught when another lady told the mom that there’s a lemur on her baby.

#14 Only one of us can be the winner

Play is an integral part of a baby’s development. When children play, it offers them the chance to learn and build self-confidence, develop physical and social skills, improve their language and communication, and begin to learn about how to care for others.

Image courtesy of puzzlekick/Twitter

However, this baby seems to be learning something else while playing, letting off steam. Maybe he was having a bad day and wanted to take it out on the doll. Or perhaps he was watching wrestling on television and was imitating the wrestlers. There can only be one winner!

#15 A baby picture that needs to be forgotten

We all have secrets, and these include pictures we all wish could just be forgotten or buried somewhere, never to see the light of day again. This picture is one of those, and this was sent to the contributor by her mother.

Image courtesy of kmarie302/Imgur

Her mom probably found it in an old box. The baby looks like an old man baby, and she doesn’t seem too comfortable in that position too. Perhaps she was pooping behind the scenes? Or maybe she didn’t like the photographer, so she was making funny faces?

#16 Wow, rain!

We’ve often been told that it’s the little moments that count, but when we grow up and are faced with the ever-present challenges of paying bills, raising a family, and having a career, we often forget to stop and smell the roses.

Image courtesy of bfs1985/Reddit

We should let this adorable picture of a little child seeing rain for the first time remind us that there is magic if we just look closely enough. We should learn to appreciate the little things because, in the end, these little things bring us a lot of happiness.

#17 Time to get some sun and fun

Sometimes, crying to get your parent’s attention, crying to get some food, crying to get some sleep, and crying to get just about anything can be exhausting too. Just ask any baby out there; they can attest to this.

Image courtesy of rtmille/Reddit

This is why babies also need relaxation and plenty of fun, and nothing spells more fun than a dip in the pool. Ah, time to relax those vocal cords and facial muscles. Quick, mommy, get him something to drink. This little man is living life.

#18 I belong here!

At first glance, you won’t find anything unusual with this photo. Just a bunch of baby dolls for sale and waiting to be bought, but look again! Yup, there’s a real baby in the photo, and he looks just right at home.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/odawg2004

It also helps that the baby is wearing almost the same shirt and pants as the dolls. If it didn’t laugh or giggle, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a real-life baby. We can almost see mommy or daddy behind the camera laughing their hearts out. We can’t contain all the cuteness.

#19 Meeting a puppy for the first time and loving it

To a baby, every little thing is magical, the sound of their parent’s voices, the feel of their mother’s arms, and the smell of milk. They are new to the world, so everything is also very new to them. It can be quite fun to wait for babies’ reactions when they’re introduced to something they’ve never seen before.

Image courtesy of borntorun61/Reddit

This was the baby’s first time to be introduced to a dog, and she seems to be loving it. Look at that big smile on her face. She looks like she’s having the time of her life. Perhaps, she’s elated that she has someone to crawl with, roll around with, and play with.

#20 Stop pooping on the baby!

Let’s stop you right there. No, the dog is not pooping on the baby’s head, although it does seem to be doing that. The photo was cleverly taken, and the angle is just right to make it seem that the little fellow is being dumped on.

Image courtesy of vinnyty/Reddit

However, we’re willing to bet money that the dog isn’t the only one taking a dump in this photo. You’ll understand what we mean if you take a closer look at the baby’s face. We’re quite sure that there was some diaper changing that happened after the photo was taken.

#21 Now that’s one great baby bed

Jaws is one of those scary movies that leave a lasting effect on you. Plenty of people who’ve seen the film admit that they were afraid to go into the water for fear of getting bitten by sharks. The parents must have seen the movie and loved it.

Image courtesy of vinnyty/Reddit

How do we know? The baby’s bed says it all. Yeah, we know it looks like a cake, but it’s a bed. It’s cleverly designed that it makes the baby look as if it’s going to get eaten by the shark any minute now.

#22 How’s that beard coming along?

Men typically start growing facial hair on the cheeks, chin, and upper lip region during puberty. However, boys as young as 11 can also start growing facial hair. This baby seems to be very impatient and can’t wait until his teenage years.

Image courtesy of xelphin/Reddit

He’s already started growing a rather impressive beard and credit has to be given to his cousin who helped him with his beard-growing activity. Little dude looks dapper, don’t you think? He’ll be going out on dates real soon.

#23 This wasn’t supposed to happen

Babies have this innate ability to ruin their parent’s Instagram and Pinterest perfect photos. They seem to have a sense for doing the most inappropriate thing during the most inopportune time. If you’re not convinced, just look at this photo.

Image courtesy of Kirsty Grant

The baby must have sensed that they’re trying to take photos to look back on for when she grows up, so she decided to poop right then and there. Yup, this is going to be a photo that everyone will remember, including the photographer.

#24 Driving in his dreams

What happened here? Little fellow must have been so tired from all the play and other activities he’s been doing all day that he’s exhausted, and he fell asleep while driving. Kids and parents everywhere, this is something you mustn’t do.

image courtesy of funjoke.ru

You must always stay awake and alert while driving. Kidding aside though, he’s more likely driving in his dreams. Look at his little hands holding on to the steering wheel. Careful little buddy, we don’t want you to run over any pedestrians.

#25 I take no joy in this

Just to set things straight, no baby or adult was hurt when this photo was shot. Everyone went home with all their limbs, albeit not as dry as they originally were. Sorry dad, nothing personal. I’m just doing my job. I take no joy in this.

Image courtesy of MustCheck/Imgur

If you’re playing with your baby, you have to be careful with them because their fragile bodies are very sensitive. However, when it comes to babies playing with adults, they can do anything they want with you, and you can’t complain. Just ask this dad, and he’ll tell you.

#26 We love talking walks as a family

One of the cheapest and most enjoyable family activities that keep everyone away from screens of all kinds, be it computer, TV or mobile phone, is walking. Nothing’s more relaxing than taking time out to be with nature and with the family.

Image courtesy of Daily Viral Stuff/Facebook

Walking is not only a good form of exercise, but it’s also a great time to catch up with one another. However, there seems to be a family member who’s not happy being kept away from his crib and his toys. He’s made it very clear in this photo he’s not a fan of family walks.

#27 I’m going to my job interview

Generally, moms tend to be a little strict, and if you want to ask for permission to go out at night, they’re the hardest to get a yes from. Dads, on the other hand, to be more easygoing and are easier to talk to.

Image courtesy of Krunchy_Kitten/Reddit

If you want more proof of that, take a look at this photo. Mom went out to run some errands, so she left the baby with dad and what did he do? He thought it would be a good thing to have a little dress rehearsal for the baby’s next interview.

#28 I have feet!

We just can’t get enough of babies. They are the cutest little things, and they do things that just make everyone laugh. At a young age, they start exploring their bodies by touching, pulling, rubbing. Most of the time, they also try to bite or chew body parts.

Image courtesy of druhutch/Imgur

This baby here just discovered her feet and she is beyond happy touching and looking at them. We’re pretty sure that she’ll be biting or trying to eat them real soon. Experts say that babies familiarize themselves with objects by putting them in their mouths. We can’t argue with that.

#29 These two could be twins

One of the first things people want to find out when the baby is born is who the baby takes after. We’re not skilled at this because we just can’t seem to tell who the little fellow looks like, and it fascinates us how other people do.

Image courtesy of DrZzzzz/Imgur

Anyway, we think that it’s quite easy to tell from this photo who the baby takes after, from the shape of the face and how it prefers being wrapped up like a burrito. Yup, there’s no doubt about it. The baby takes after daddy.

#30 The kung fu master

Besides crying, the first sound that babies make is called cooing, and this is usually at between six and eight weeks of age. What is cooing? The sounds babies make when they coo are oooooh and aaaaaah. From the look of things, this baby is cooing.

Image courtesy of hpinterest.com/marisilva1/

However, dad thought it would be a great idea to make the video a little bit more interesting by drawing some figures on the baby. Well, you can’t blame him, and we certainly approve of the outcome. The baby looks great as a kung fu master.

#31 I don’t like this, Dad

Looking after a baby is a challenge, most especially if you also have to do housework simultaneously. There are just instances when babies don’t cooperate, and instead of sleeping so you can do your housework, they remain wide awake and ready to play.

Image courtesy of bigwipeouts/Imgur

This dad didn’t let his awake baby stop him from shoveling snow in the yard. Instead of waiting for the baby to get tired and fall asleep, he devised a foolproof way to safely take the baby with him while shoveling snow. Clever right?

#32 Baby’s first time on ice

One of the most enjoyable things when you have a baby is seeing the baby learning how to walk for the first time. Before they can walk, babies must first have the strength in the muscles of their hips and trunk so that they can move their arms and legs in a walking pattern.

Image courtesy of MKI tv/YouTube

Walking on different surfaces is also something that babies must learn. Sand feels different from grass or soil. This baby is just trying to learn how to walk, and this is her first time walking on ice and let’s just say it challenging and hilarious at the same time.

#33 Mom, look! I put makeup on the baby!

Most parents worry about how their older child will react to having a little brother or sister. Some older siblings are cool with the idea of having another child at home, but others initially don’t react well to having another kid around.

Image courtesy of Mepikuphevythngsgud/Imgur

This big sister seems to be having a lot of fun with her sibling. She’s even learning how to apply makeup on her so that in the future, when her little sisters need to go on a date, she knows exactly how to make her look her best.

#34 My Joe Rogan baby

If you’re a fan of UFC and Fear Factor, then you’ll most likely recognize Joe Rogan. What most people don’t know about him is that he initially started as a stand-up comedian. This baby’s parents must be his biggest fans.

Image courtesy of Taylor_Satine/Reddit

It might be too early for Halloween, but this baby is ready to roll. Look at his six-pack abs; you can tell that he’s been spending a lot of time in the gym working out and getting his body in tip-top shape. Plus, he’s wearing his diapers too.

#35 Beluga entertainment

Babies and small children are always thrilled to meet new animals, and this is why they are the primary target of zoos and aquariums. It’s a great feeling to see the wonder and awe in their eyes as they interact with different zoo creatures.

Image courtesy of camedy/Imgur

This little fellow’s attention was caught by a huge Beluga whale. One of the most vocal whales, they are easy to recognize because of their white coloring and distinct head shape. This beluga seems to be enjoying himself entertaining the baby.

#36 Hang in there, buddy

Grasping at things is one of the first skills babies learn to master. They reach for just about anything, toys, food, their parent’s hands, or hair. If it gets their attention and it’s nearby, they will surely reach for it.

Image courtesy of tenor.com/users/anonymousbitesback

This little fellow here is trying to reach a spoon that’s right in his mouth, and suffice it to say that he’s having a very difficult time. We can imagine that this is exactly how the T-rex felt with its short arms. Hang in there, buddy.

#37 Giving the new baby a very warm welcome

Introducing a new baby to your toddler can be a challenge. Experts say that it’s important to help them become friends even before the new baby is born because it can take some time for the older sibling to adjust to having a new baby around.

Image courtesy of the_Pessimist91/Reddit

Some toddlers will feel threatened or replaced by the newest addition to the family, so make him or her the center of attention. This big sister must be feeling that way because you can see she’s not pleased at all. Just look at her hand.

#38 Who’s this guy?

Why is my baby scared of daddy? That must be the question that’s high on this mom’s mind. Actually, both the baby and daddy look so nervous and afraid of each other. They’re still trying to figure each other out.

Image courtesy of Twentytwowords

We’re assuming that they just brought the baby home because she’s still very tiny and looks very delicate. Daddy’s trying his very best not to upset the baby or make her cry because he might not know what to do next if that happens.

#39 Look into my eyes

Babies have shorter sleep cycles compared to adults, and just because their eyes are closed doesn’t mean that they are already fast asleep. Perhaps that explains why they seem to wake up when they hear even the slightest noise or movement.

Image courtesy of s4ltydog/Reddit

This baby, however, seems to be in a deep sleep. It didn’t even notice that its mother was doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Mom must have gotten bored looking after the baby that she thought it would be fun to send dad this photo.

#40 Reality vs expectation

Newborn photography is a hit these days. Parents just want to immortalize priceless moments and ensure that they capture moments from the baby’s first few days until he or she grows. These parents wanted to have cute photos taken of their baby.

Image courtesy of Twentytwowords

They even searched for some inspiration on the internet and found one that they thought they could easily recreate at home. It seems that taking photos is easier seen than done. The baby didn’t seem to want to cooperate with their plan at all.

#41 Baby’s ok up here

Contrary to popular belief, dreads are not dirty, and there are no bugs or spiders that live in the hair strands. It’s a pretty clean look, actually. Aside from being a hairstyle, is there anything you can do with your dreads?

image courtesy of slothhprincess/Reddit

This guy has an excellent use for his unique hairstyle. He’s using it to secure his baby like a seatbelt while the little girl is perched on his shoulders. Don’t worry; he’s also holding her to ensure she doesn’t fall. She seems to be enjoying it up there.

#42 We love peanut butter

Here is a fun fact for you, it takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of goodness. Around 297 million Americans consume peanut butter, and we don’t blame them because peanut butter is everything. We love it too!

Image courtesy of Gina Gardner Brown

These siblings seem to love peanut butter too. Just look at big sister, making sure that her brother gets his fill of peanut butter. He’s very happy that he’s got plenty of his peanut butter goodness. You can see it on his face and all over his body, for that matter.

#43 This baby’s putting up a fight

When adults see babies, they want to pick them up and play with them, except the very few who seem to have an aversion to children. However, babies have separation anxiety, and they often don’t like it when strangers pick them up.

Image courtesy of dollgoalss/Instagram

This baby is not going to have more strangers trying to take him away from his mother. He’s putting up a fight. Look at him, ready to pounce on strangers. Come and get me, guys! Be sure you’re ready for my punches, kicks, and cries.

#44 Don’t make me angry

Leave baby with daddy for a few hours, and you can be sure something hilarious is going to happen. Dads just seem to be built that way. They’re cooler than moms, although we’re sure plenty of moms out there will disagree with us.

Image courtesy of 64536453/Reddit

Anyway, this mom left her baby with her husband when she went out to run errands, and this is what she was sent on her phone. Daddy was enjoying his time with the baby, that’s obvious. Look at what he and the baby came up with.

#45 Let me out of here

As first-time parents, one of the most important things to do is to baby-proof your home, especially when your baby starts walking. Babies can be very inquisitive, and their journey of discovery is through grasping objects and putting them in their mouths.

Image courtesy of toochee.reblog.hu

A good way to ensure your baby stays in a safe place is to dedicate a safe spot in your house for your baby and enclose it with a baby safety fence. This little fellow wasn’t happy being kept in one location and was trying his very best to get out.