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30+ Cringeworthy Examples Of Social Media Ads Gone Wrong

When selling a product, an advertising company can do you wonders. They can find your target clientele or, better yet, create a demand for your products even when people have no need for them. Whoever you choose to hire, make sure they’re experienced. Their services may cost a lot, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth!

Trust us. There’s such a thing as bad advertising. These pictures are proof of that. We have compiled 30+ of the most cringe-worthy ads you should not imitate, lest you want to nuke your client base. In case you gain a massive following, assume that your fans are in it for the humor like we are. But also, don’t forget to give credit where it’s due (namely, here)!

The Stuff of Nightmares

Campbell Soup is a company founded on people who share a love for food. They have been around since the 1800s. What’s their mission? We don’t know about the official answer, but unofficially, it’s to make tasty canned soups and related products. This image of their product doesn’t embody that mission.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

If Jason Voorhees had a teddy as a kid, it would look like this. Its eyes would stare at you, and you would feel the weight of its gaze from across the room, even in the dark. It’s no wonder this person needs this doll gone.

Going Nude

There is a thin line between beauty and madness. And you can see proof of that during Fashion Week. There are some clothing items you would spend a thousand dollars on in a heartbeat, and then there are fashion items such as this…

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

We’d rather wear no clothes whatsoever than throw on this war crime. We have always thought of ourselves as eye candy with right-fitting garments, but this is far from it. No one wants to be associated with greased skillets and burger patties.

We Don’t Like ‘Em Hanging

With the right accessories, you can draw attention to your best features. Take your pick—rings, piercings, and even earplugs. We found this pair of earplugs online that are bound to catch people’s attention. You can buy them in different gauges.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Do you know how difficult it is to find the correct gauge of earplugs, much less to have Nicholas Cage’s face plastered on them? That is why this limited edition piece is worth its price. Buy a pair, and you can mutilate your earlobes and your reputation at work!

That Fast, Huh

We have to admit it, we are a slave to anti-aging products. We aren’t the only ones, though. Many women flock to online shops to buy snail rejuvenating sets, moisturizers, and even skin-tightening creams such as this. Reckon it’s legit?

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

With a 4.8 rating and nearly 2500 orders, we’re guessing it’s effective. With only a bottle’s use, you can erase those fine wrinkles and turn back time to when you looked like a baby in the womb. Now, is that youthful or what?

Hard Pass

We have taken a liking to dance as a hobby. It’s the perfect aerobic workout. You’ll never get bored, and you have music to dance to as you memorize the steps. But we suggest you find a partner to hold you accountable for this lifestyle change.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

We read the caption and thought, this must be it! Finally, a partner light enough that we can carry. Then we got to the picture, and now we can’t seem to shake the image out of our heads. This one’s definitely a hard pass.

A Reminder of Your Life’s Work

At this point in our lives, we would consider ourselves successful. We have a stable source of income, loved ones and family by our side, and a house we could call our home. But to keep things from getting to our head, we have this poster on our office wall.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

It’s the perfect furniture piece for those who have inflated egos. Gordon Ramsay will remind you that there’s always something to frown upon and improve on. And if you happen to act like the idiot that you are, worry not. Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

Hates Washing the Dishes

Don’t you hate washing the dishes? We sure do. It’s one of our most dreaded household chores. But thanks to this food package, you won’t have to worry about using plates or having to wash them. Just boil the bag, tear it open, and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

But consumer beware, you might lose all appetite for macaroni and beef. You might even heave up all stomach contents. Apparently, some customers have already been stricken with Roundmeal-related stomach issues. We have raised those complaints to management, but to date, we haven’t received a reply.

Boy to Man In A Jiffy

One of the sexiest things women find in a man is their beards. Grow the right shape for your face, and you just might look like Brad Pitt. In case it takes forever for your beard to grow out, we have this serum that can help speed the process.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

This beard oil is so effective it can make an infant become a man in a matter of seconds. Watch him grow into his prepubescent self with just a pat under his chin. Just remember to keep this out of reach of children!

Fleek Lashes

While it’s important to be thrifty in your dealings, you needn’t be a cheapskate in matters like hygiene. This woman took to Facebook to sell her eco-friendly eyelash extensions. She claims she had just made them, and they are perfect for any eye shape.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

She accepts cash on delivery. So you can place an order and wait for the package to be delivered to you before paying for the merch. There aren’t any warranties, though. You bear the risk of permanently losing your vision from wearing these eyelashes.

Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is only a couple of months away. In case you find it challenging to find inspiration for your costume, we suggest you try becoming Chewbacca for once. You don’t have to buy a fake costume, though. All you have to do is buy two bottles of this online.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

You’re guaranteed quick hair growth wherever you spray the contents in just three days! You wouldn’t have to worry about someone else looking like the resistance fighter Chewie. You’ll be the sole Wookiee male warrior in the neighborhood! But shaving off the costume might be a bummer.

Break In Case of Quarter Life Crisis

After reaching their 40s, many people stop to ask themselves what they’re working 40 hours a week for. They question everything about themselves—their jobs, their purpose, and what truly brings contentment. Some take up risky hobbies to give themselves a little thrill.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Is it just us, or does this inventor have a death wish? He could have created his own bee farm or put up a teaching course to help others make their own outdoor beehives. But nooooooo! He felt that this was the only way to live life on the edge!

Want A Snowjob?

You’re set to leave for the office in 10. You hurriedly lock the house and then walk down the porch. You turn left to where the car is, and then you see your neighbor, hands on hips, wave at you. He asks, “Do you want a snow job?”

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

“Sorry, what?” He holds out two bottles of carwash and explains, “A snowjob. That’s the next step after spraying the car wet. Should only take 10 minutes tops!” You tear your gaze away and shake your head. “Maybe next time.” You slide into the car seat. Maybe never.

Seeing Double

It pays to have a beautiful woman as your model. Science has proven that you’re more likely to look at someone if you find them physically attractive. So if you want to market that product, hire someone you would go crazy looking at.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Sure, she’s a gorgeous woman. But that’s not why we’re staring at this creepy ad for longer than necessary. We can’t seem to determine if she’s looking right or left or if there are two of her foreheads drawn to each other. Whatever it is, it’s making us dizzy.

Going Quack

What is with this quackery? While turning the pages of a magazine, we stop to see this ad that advises men how to steal the look. It sounds innocent enough until you discover whose look it is you’re trying to copy.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

No thanks. We wouldn’t want to follow suit. Let the duck do its thing. After all, it fits him. We can’t wade in a pond to hide that hideous shade of orange. Come to the office dressed like that, and you’d be a sitting duck for everyone’s snide comments!

In a Tight Spot

This man likely prides himself on his ability to deadlift a thousand kilos. He’s a gym buff, as you would call it. Conveniently enough, he also works as a furniture mover. While moving out some of his items to a larger flat, this happened:

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

There’s no use in lifting heavy weights when you’re caught in a tight spot. He could try to lift one end, but given his skills, he might break the furniture in half. He might hate it, but now he’s got to find the services of a professional weightlifter.

No Kidding

You need to wing it like the Mexicans do every now and then. Top your food with chili and spices. Trust us. It’s a wholly different gustatory experience once you taste that added kick to your dishes. Just be careful not to…

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Overeat, and you may just have a severe case of ruined bedsheets. Oh, and the pain of your stomach churning—there’s nothing quite like it (and not in a good way). Start with a heat rating of 2/10 and gradually build your way to a 12. You will get there in time.

Back From The Dead

This woman was appalled. She never imagined herself as a mother. Now, she spends her days pining away for a child to hold in her arms. As luck would have it, a stork dropped by to give her a gift. She and her kid get along on so many levels.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

She feels like a woman reborn now that she looks after these raggedy dolls. She doesn’t have to worry about nappy changes or cries in the middle of the night. She can put this baby to sleep (or send it to the grave) whenever she feels like it.

*Audible Gulp

For as long as we can remember, Mcdonald’s has been a safe place to dine with your family. They have kiddie meals, playgrounds, and toys for every child. You don’t have to worry about any harm to your kids, or at least we thought so.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Someone must not have gotten their fill for the month. Parents stare wide-eyed at this poster, stifle a laugh, and then usher their kids into the resto. You can bet that parents are twice as excited now that Mcdonald’s is offering this promo. One for the road, please!

Feeds On Grass

There’s no greater joy than to run in the wild. Take it from these two. They’ve been at it for two years now, saying there is nothing like having wild lions prowl around you as you stroll the park. Soon, they’ll be feeding on grass.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Would you ever want to book a viewing to see these two wannabes walk on stilts? The zoo must’ve been feeding the actual giraffes so poorly that they refused to clock in. Now, we have to settle for this bunch of posers.

Can Afford It

Thanks to inflation, the prices of commodities are rising. Whereas before you could fill it with a couple of hundred dollars, now you can only fill your shopping cart halfway. It’s time to resort to alternatives, such as this roto wipe.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Manufacturers claim that this baby should be able to replace your toilet paper. Forget the bidet or a good old towel. Using this cleaning wheel to wipe off piss on your seat or grit from your bum is much better. It should get rid of the itching, too!

Can’t Unsee

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands. You end up experimenting and creating these atrocious works of art that deserve to be thrown in the trash. Reader beware: There is no unseeing this picture.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

The more times you launder this knitted piece, the worse it looks. Do us a favor: Take it off and then store it until Halloween. Whoever’s house you visit gets to have the trick and the treat if you greet them looking like this.

Heavy-lidded Eyes

Only those who have tried it will know. Once you have eyelash extensions, you will almost always want them reapplied every two weeks. This woman has a serious case of feeling nude when she doesn’t have on any of them.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

She has her stylist attach extensions all over her eyelids. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t any natural lashes to attach each to, so long as she gets that heavy-lidded look. We can only imagine just how much of a struggle it is to keep her eyes open.

These Boots Were Made for Splashing

Crocs are one of the most hideous things we have ever seen. But despite their grotesqueness, the demand remains healthy. It turns out that the good people at Crocs decided to give the people what they really want: Cowboy boots. Now you don’t have to worry about mud or water splashing over your feet.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

These boots are lightweight, too. You can easily wash them and leave them out to dry. But with all things plastic, these are an easy target for dogs. Just keep them out of reach of those paws, and you could wear these things for a lifetime!

Saved by 33 Shoppers?

Just because you’ve outgrown old clothes and footwear doesn’t mean they’re objectively worthless. Sell your pre-loved clothes online. You should be able to find a paying customer who has the need for your belongings. Take this woman right here, for example.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Buy this pair, and you get a limited edition athlete’s foot. Just wear these sandals once, and you should be able to feel the uncontrollable urge to scratch. You might be able to save up on the pair of slippers, but we’re sure that’ll cost you on your trip to the doctor!

Needs Bashing

At one time, West End Motorsports had a healthy customer base. The phone wouldn’t stop ringing from customers eager to place their orders. But now, the business has dried up. They felt like they had to reinvent themselves, and marketing stunts such as this can help in a big way.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

If they meant to humor someone, then they did a great job at it. The last things we want to have are dents or scratches on our face…erm, on that helmet. If anything befalls that handsome face, then we are more inclined to use our helmets to keep ourselves safe.

Caveman Go Argh!

If you’re looking for unique, casual footwear, check out Poshmark’s shop. They have a number of shoes that quickly go out of stock because of their simple-yet-sturdy designs. Just recently, they published another model that was inspired by the neanderthal man.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Caveman go argh! He swings his bat and it lands with a loud thud on the ground. He moves to examine this pair of slippers. He sniffs each end, takes a bite to see if it’s edible, and then throws it away. Even the caveman knows these shoes are useless!

Going for Other Reasons

It’s that time of the year: Foreigners are flocking to Thailand to view its heritage sites, learn about its culture, and sample its delicious food, such as the durian. Inside this spikey fruit is sweet, yellow meat. Just remember to pinch your nose when you take a bite of it.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

It smells of gym socks, onion, and turpentine. But don’t let its scent betray you. The durian is actually quite delicious once you get used to it. You could even dip it in salt. Just make sure to chew it well; otherwise, you’d be taking frequent trips to the bathroom.

Warning Not Needed

On a visit to the furniture store, this woman and her partner came across this furniture set. It was simple and elegant. Despite its antique design, it cost much less than this woman expected. The sign kind of gives it away.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Sure, yeah. This woman and her partner look at each other. On the one hand, they can’t have guests in the house because their furniture is outdated. On the other, they might not have guests because someone or something might be chasing them out of the house. Tough sell.

Is That A Nail?

When other people hear “Balenciaga,” they imagine thousands of dollars, luxury items, and sports cars. When we hear “Balenciaga,” we think of overpriced t-shirts, a painful pair of heels, and utter madness. This project design pretty much sums it up.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

You know you could get the look for less by driving a nail up the heel of your Crocs. As with most heels, you should only be driving your weight towards the pads of your toes. So you needn’t worry about that nail piercing your foot.

Of All Places

We have seen a lot of shady items on Lazada. From kids’ toys to clothing items, there’s almost always something that will cause you to cock your eyebrow. We had chanced upon this hair treatment serum that supposedly helps grow your hair back.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

This forefinger has a healthier mane of hair than most men’s scalps do. And oddly enough, the product nearly has a five-star rating from over 100+ customers. Reckon they tried growing hair on their forefinger before applying this product to their scalp?

Very Functional

We have had it with these Facebook ads. All they do is add to the mental clutter. After browsing through ILYSM‘s products, we can’t help but ask: What’s the point of split-toe shoes? As far as we know, separating the big toe from the rest doesn’t serve any purpose.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Breathable? It’s not like our big toe was in need of liberation. The only thing that’s choking us is the laughter bubbling from our throats. But you’ve gotta respect ILYSM. That photo makes the product worth its 129 USD price.

Fiery Hot

We have to give this cafe owner points for this cute little ad. He was selling chorizos by the stick. You could buy them as is or pair them with rice and sauce. They have an original or spicy flavor. If you’re wondering just how hot it is, look no further.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

You might not have a tongue after. This chorizo is so intensely hot that it will cause you to breathe intense flames that could melt just about anything, including your teeth. Just pair it with milk. Milk always does the trick.


Disney decided to recreate its cartoon classics. From Alice to Princess Aurora, there are slight tweaks to the movie plots. But after seeing this picture, we can’t help but think they are hiding something from us. After all, Pinnochio is a known liar.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

All we know is that the boy wonder wants to be born as a human. But how do you think he’ll go about it? He has several options. He could undergo skin transplants, devour humans and steal their skin, or wait for a fairy to grant him a couple of wishes.

Weekly Purge

We had never considered ourselves to be religious. We’ll tell you why: One cloudy day, we happened to be taking our dog on a walk. We were walking past the church when we saw this cute little banner. And from then on, we decided we would never attend those meetings.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

We would rather wait for the second coming instead of signing ourselves up for the purge. At least then we will have time to ask for forgiveness and make amends with the people we have hurt. Yeah, the list is long, OK? Don’t judge us.

What is A Shade?

Back in the day, pirates wore eye patches to prepare one eye to see well in the dark. When going below the deck, they would switch the patch from one eye that had been adjusted to low-light conditions to the other. Given that fun fact, we couldn’t help but buy a box of these.

Image courtesy of Ads with Threatening Auras / Facebook

Of course! There are always shades to help your eyes get accustomed to the bright light. Remove them, and you should be able to adjust to low-light conditions, too. The only disadvantage is that they don’t have the same sex appeal as eyepatches do. Oop; did we say that out loud?