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45 Amusing Posts About Getting Older Not So Gracefully

In life, there are many things no one likes to admit. One of those things is that we’re getting older — we would love if we could just ignore the fact that we will all grow old at some point, right? While some of us may take these things too seriously, some other people are making jokes about getting older. And can we tell you something? Those carefree people are simply living their best lives. There’s nothing better than looking at getting older through rose-colored glasses! If you’re getting older and you’re in need of some cheering up, this article can help you feel better. We’ve compiled 45 funny tweets about getting older — and we’re certain they’ll help you realize that getting older is completely natural and that you’re not alone!

So your body is betraying you?

You’re probably tired of hearing that older people will always remain young at heart. We could point out a few different reasons why it’s important to keep a positive mindset as you grow older — but first, let’s talk about how our body betrays us!

Image courtesy of batkaren/Twitter

Wondering what we mean? This tweet says it all. As we grow older, we may still feel young in spirit, but we certainly don’t feel physically young. When we were kids, we could literally jump off a tree and not feel anything. After we become older? If we sleep in a different position, we’ll feel it for the rest of the week!

A test for old people!

Are you still unsure whether or not you’re considered an older adult? This Twitter user has proposed one of the best ways to find out! If you follow her instructions, you’ll immediately discover if the people around you consider you old.

Image courtesy of sharniist/Twitter

The only downfall of this plan is that you can actually get hurt. That’s why we don’t recommend that you fall down on purpose as it can be quite dangerous. You can try other ways of finding out if people consider you old — such as complaining of back pain while on the train and seeing if anyone gives you their seat!

Did you really mean to have that baby?

When we’re in our teens, the last thing most of us want is to have a child. Maybe you’ve gone through this phase of thinking that kids are annoying. Maybe you’re still in that phase. However, some people change their mindset as they get older and start thinking about becoming parents.

Image courtesy of _viibbe/Twitter

Even if you’re not looking forward to having a kid of your own anytime soon, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting older. Actually, if everyone around you is starting to have their own families “on purpose,” that means you are, in fact, getting older!

Is that age considered old nowadays?

Back when we were younger, we didn’t really care about growing older. Getting older was something that we pushed to the back of our minds, and we just lived our lives to the fullest. Kids nowadays have a different mindset, however.

Image courtesy of soccrchik17/Twitter

According to this meme, nowadays, young people in their mid-20s are already worrying about getting older! While we thought that we would only be considered old once we got to our forties or fifties, these kids think that turning 30 automatically means you’re an old person!

Oh, I guess I’ll have to deal with it!

One of the things that most people hate about getting older is that our body changes a lot, especially our skin. We get wrinkles; dark circles appear under our eyes, our eyes get droopy…it’s almost as if we haven’t slept in years!

Image courtesy of amydillon/Twitter

Surprise, surprise: you’re not tired, you’re just getting older! It’s kind of crazy how our whole appearance changes as we age, right? The good news for all of us is that we’re not alone. Everyone goes through this same process — it’s just that some people have more money to use to hide the signs of aging than others!

Your neighbors truly appreciate it!

For this next slide, you don’t have to be in your 40s or 50s to agree with it. At some point, we all get tired of going to busy pubs on Friday nights. For some people, this moment comes before they even turn 30!

Image courtesy of FFloatables/Twitter

If you’re into throwing small dinner parties at your home and inviting just a couple of friends, and not blasting music for your entire neighborhood to hear, that means you’re getting older. Well, we personally just call it being a considerate adult!

Do I regret it!

We should all just admit that almost every day, we make decisions that we regret sometime later. Being indecisive and making bad choices is all part of human nature, though. But how we wish we could turn back time and do things differently, right?

Image courtesy of onherperiod/Twitter

For this Twitter user, the worst mistake of her life was aging past 10. To be honest, we feel her. When you’re 10 years old, you don’t have many responsibilities in life, nor do you have any bills to pay. If only we could actually choose not to grow up!

It’s not simply left and right anymore!

If you relate to this next slide, we have to inform you that that’s another sign that you’re getting older. According to Twitter user missekay, you’re no longer a younger person if you haven’t referred to your knees as “left knee” and “right knee” in a while!

Image courtesy of missekay/Twitter

Apparently, as you grow older, you only refer to your knees as “the good one” and “the bad one.” Is it natural for that to happen as you age? Of course! Is it natural for that to happen when you’re in your 20s? No — and you should probably start exercising after you finish reading this article!

Calm down, I’m still young!

Times are always changing, and we live in an era in which everything happens at a fast pace. Because of that, many youngsters feel pressured fresh out of school to start thinking of their future. And that makes them feel older than they really are.

Image courtesy of PsychoticSass/Twitter

See what we mean? When you’re in your early 20s, everyone still sees you as a young person. But then you get to your mid-20s, and everyone suddenly sees you as an adult who should have their life all ready and set. If it makes you feel better, keep in mind that many people in their 40s are still lost — and that’s okay!

Is the planet spinning faster?

You may have noticed that time seems to be moving at a breakneck pace. The days, the weeks, the months, and the years seem shorter. That’s happening because our planet is spinning faster than ever before. But that has nothing to do with this next tweet:

Image courtesy of CelebrityChez/Twitter

The fact that you’re going to bed earlier and earlier each day is not because the Earth is spinning quickly. It’s just because you’re getting older and there seems to be nothing more appealing than going to bed early and enjoying a good night’s sleep!

Let’s just hope for the best!

Calling the doctor and scheduling an appointment can be pretty nerve-wracking, right? That’s why one of the best parts about being a teenager or a young adult is that our parents schedule our doctor appointments. However, it all changes when you get older.

Image courtesy of KevinFarzad/Twitter

When you become an adult, your parents don’t schedule your appointments anymore, and you have to do it on your own. However, that’s just a lot of pressure for some people, so they just stop going to the doctor’s and hope for the best!

Wait, how did that happen?

As we’ve said earlier, lots of people have a bit of trouble coming to terms with aging. We all wish we could stay young forever but, unfortunately, that’s not possible. If you’re one of those people who take a while to get used to growing older, you’ll relate to this tweet:

Image courtesy of abbycohenwl/Twitter

See? You’re not alone in this journey! There are so many people out there who take their own time to get used to aging. And by the time that they do get used to being a certain age, they’ve already aged a few more years! Do you relate to that? We certainly do!

There were no cameras back then!

When we think of our grandparents or other older people, we’re usually reminded that they enjoy telling stories from times past. They love telling us about how they didn’t have tech devices back then, right? Well, you’re also becoming like that — and we can prove it!

Image courtesy of Funnyoneliners/Twitter

Remember when there were no smartphones and when the first cellphones didn’t have a camera? Back then, we had to rely on digital cameras, and before that, we had to use analog cameras that depended on film spools. We couldn’t just take pictures of everything in front of us during that time — we had to save the camera film and take it to a store to be developed way after the fact!

Watch me — oh, never mind!

Do we know that our bodies get frailer as we get older? Yes, we do. Does that stop us from doing things that we shouldn’t do? Absolutely not. When we’re young, we can do lots of things that require physical effort. When we’re older? Not so much.

Image courtesy of senderblock23/Twitter

This tweet sums it perfectly. As young adults, we believe that we can rule the world and that we can do anything we want. Once you turn 30+, you notice that that’s not necessarily true. Yeah, and you also feel it in your bones.

I will never age, sweetie!

Never before has skincare been so popular. There are so many cosmetics available that it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the best products for your skin when there are tons of options. This next Twitter user is offering an alternative to the traditional skincare routine:

Image courtesy of behindyourback/Twitter

Isn’t that actually clever? Not to mention that it’s also an organic routine! If only vampires were real! Then, if we had a vampire friend, we could always ask them to bite us and help us preserve our youth and our smooth skin!

But you don’t hang anything up?

If you ever need a reminder that you’re getting older, the surefire way of doing that is by talking to a younger person. Technology is so advanced now that kids nowadays don’t even know what old-timey phones looked like!

Image courtesy of EnglishJason/Twitter

This man’s daughter didn’t even know what the phrasal verb “hang up” means. This expression became popular because once upon a time, phones were attached to a wall. If you didn’t know what it meant either, now you probably think that you’re not as old as you thought you were. This is a great age test, isn’t it?

Let me just take care of my home in peace.

As kids, we don’t really have a lot of responsibilities. However, we do have to do some chores around the house, such as making our beds or taking our clean laundry to our closets. The thing is: we absolutely despise doing these chores!

Image courtesy of annawotts/Twitter

However, our entire mindset changes when we get older and have our own home. There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than keeping our house or apartment clean. And getting to clean the house without worrying about going to work is even better!

What do these people do for a living?

Paying bills has got to be one of the worst parts of becoming an adult. Depending on the job we have, most of our money goes into paying for our living expenses. Sometimes, it gets so overwhelming that we can’t even think of anything else.

Image courtesy of tonysheps/Twitter

For Twitter user Tony Shepherd, this is a great way of finding out whether you’re old. If you watch a Christmas classic such as Home Alone and can only pay attention to the size of their house and how expensive their mortgage must be, you’re probably getting older and older.

I didn’t even drink last night!

Hangovers are one of the things that get really bad as you grow older. When we’re in our 20s, we can drink for hours and feel just fine the next morning. In our 30s, we need to slow down on the alcohol, or else we’ll have a terrible headache when we wake up. But what happens when you get to your 40s?

Image courtesy of SCbchbum/Twitter

There’s the answer — you get a hangover without even drinking, that’s what happens! According to the woman who posted the tweet above, it means you’re getting older if that happens to you. We guess we might as well just have a glass of wine, right?

I only shop at that store!

In life, we meet hundreds and hundreds of people as we grow older and start frequenting different places. Because of that, we usually have “favorite people.” For instance, if you ride a bus to work, you probably have a favorite driver. If you work in a building, you probably have a favorite receptionist or doorman. 

Image courtesy of Contwixt/Twitter

And if you’re getting older, you probably have a favorite grocery store. You know, that one store that you already know exactly where to find anything you want. The one store that you sometimes go to just to pass your time because it has already become your hobby to do grocery shopping!

Hey, I’m not that old!

If you’re worried that you may be getting too old, we want you to ask yourself what does it even mean to get too old. Are you too old when your joints hurt at the bare minimum physical effort? Or are you too old when this next tweet becomes true for you?

Image courtesy of cee_ryan/Twitter

Apparently, this is a good test to know if you’re getting older. Has that ever happened to you? We honestly doubt it! There’s no way you get cramps from simply scrolling down to find your birth year — unless you were born in the 1700s! 

I’m gonna stay in, thanks for asking.

As we get older, we want to dodge every invitation to hang out at a pub or anywhere else on Friday nights. While we may go out with friends every once in a while, we would much rather stay at home and have a cozy dinner party.

Image courtesy of mr_seanhughes/Twitter

For some people, not enjoying going out on Friday nights is something that happens from a very young age. You can be 21 and despise going to these busy places, but sometimes you have to pretend that you like them. Once you’re a middle-aged person, there’s no more pretending — you just plainly tell people that you don’t like hanging out at packed pubs!

Cheer up! Getting older is pretty cool.

Maybe it’s not that much of a stretch to say that the only reason why we’re all “afraid” of getting older is that society makes us believe that old people are boring and frail. That couldn’t be less true. Lots of older people are out there winning competitions and being the life of the party!

Image courtesy of Dschnoeb/Twitter

Whenever you think of getting older and feel a little blue, try to remember this tweet. Being middle-aged means that you get to enjoy all the nice things in life, including spending your weekend nights hanging out at home and watching your favorite shows. Getting older is far from horrible!

Bye, Felicia!

When we’re young and fresh out of college, we can’t wait to start our adult lives and achieve everything we ever dreamed of. We want to get a good job, buy a nice house, start a beautiful family, and live a happy life.

Image courtesy of trillballins/Twitter

However, as we get older, we realize that achieving those goals can be pretty hard and tiresome. Whereas we once loved our jobs so much that we would still work even if we won the lottery, we would disappear in thin air if we won the lottery in our 30s or 40s!

Wait, this is actually pretty good?

Do you know what else is good about getting older? Getting to go to bed early. We know we’ve already talked about this, but we could honestly write an entire essay about how good it is to curl up with a good book under the covers early!

Image courtesy of michaelianblack/Twitter

Twitter user Michael Ian Black certainly would agree with us. Going to bed early is beneficial for so many reasons, such as helping your body repair itself overnight and helping you avoid certain diseases. To be honest, going to bed early should be something that everyone does — young or older!

This is a trap!

As we get older, we start getting uncomfortable with questions related to our age. When did you graduate from college? When are you going to get married? When will you have children? All those questions can be upsetting, but none as much as this one: how old are you?

Image courtesy of theguydf/Twitter

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re not bothered by that question anymore, you’ve already accepted that you’re naturally getting older. If you simply respond with “how old do I look?” you’re a winner in life. But that question can be pretty tricky — if someone gives you 5 additional years, that’s going to haunt you for a long time!

How will I get in shape then?

It’s only natural that we feel more tired and less strong as we get older. Like younger, out-of-shape people, doctors say that older people also need to exercise regularly to keep healthy. What doctors don’t tell you is just how hard exercising can be!

Image courtesy of seeSHREVE/Twitter

This Twitter user is here to tell you the truth. Exercising is a surefire way of knowing if you’re an older person. If it hurts more than usual to get into shape, the answer is affirmative. Now, if you want to avoid going through this, the best thing you can do is start exercising as soon as possible before you get older!

Is it like dog years?

Even if you don’t have pets, you’ve probably heard of dog years. Each dog year is equal to approximately 7 human years. For instance, a 5-year-old dog is like a 35 years old human. Now, we’re sure you haven’t heard of “joint pain” years, have you?

Image courtesy of shelbyfero/Twitter

“Joint pain” years represent how old you truly are. If you’re in your 20s and already have terrible joint or back pain, you’re actually a 50 years old person. All jokes aside, if you’re really a young person but already feel pains you shouldn’t for your age, maybe you need to visit a physician and look into exercising regularly!

Oh, God!

On the topic of the relationship between aging and joint pain, Twitter user Patton Oswalt has proposed a practical way of assessing whether you’re an older person or not. It will all depend on how many times you say “Oh, God” when you stand up!

Image courtesy of pattonoswalt/Twitter

If you only mutter this expression once or twice a day, you’re still a relatively young person. If you say “Oh, God” after standing up three to five times per day, you’re a middle-aged person. Now, if you say that every single time you have to stand up, you’re definitely an old person — even if you’re only in your 20s or 30s!

But I’ve got to help you!

We all know at least one person who loves giving their opinion on everything. They also love giving advice when we don’t ask for it, don’t they? Now, if you are that person, giddy up — you’re getting older!

Image courtesy of Home_Halfway

The thing about giving advice to younger people is that they almost always don’t want it and they’ll rarely follow your advice. We’ve all been young, and we know that it’s kind of annoying to be told what to do. It’s only when we get older that we realize that every piece of advice we’ve ever received was for our own good!

Are you being serious?

For a lot of people, having children is a dream come true. It’s the natural cycle of life for them, and they’re really happy when this time comes. However, lots of people don’t want to have a child, which is totally okay.

Image courtesy of OBiiiEeee/Twitter

The thing is: when everyone around you starts having children, that’s a sign that you’re getting older. And for people who don’t want children, it’s kind of hard to understand what the fuss is all about. They can only think that they’re old now!

Why celebrate it?

When we’re kids, one of the days of the year that we most look forward to is our birthday. Is there anything more joyful and special than celebrating a birthday and receiving gifts? Everything about birthday parties is magical to children, but that feeling changes once you grow up.

Image courtesy of nadmirav/Twitter

Sure, having a birthday party is a great opportunity to spend happy quality time with our friends and family. But once you get older, you start having second thoughts about birthdays. If we’re only getting older, what’s there to celebrate anyway, right?

What are all those buttons for?

Remember when you were younger, and you had to teach your parents and/or your grandparents how to use a computer? What if we told you that you’d be in their position in just a couple of years? Yep, that’s right!

Image courtesy of SortaBad/Twitter

Technology is constantly evolving, even more so nowadays. Every day there’s something new available for us, and we can’t always keep up with all the new technologies. If you have a hard time using an app or doing something on your phone, maybe you already have this problem!

Hey, I know my place!

The whole taboo surrounding older people is that youngsters see us as boring, annoying, and clueless. Even in movies, we’re represented as that annoying uncle who’s always trying to look younger by acting “cool” and talking like more youthful people.

Image courtesy of TheBoydP/Twitter

That is the purest form of fake news, to be honest. Not all old people act like that. In fact, it’s so rare to find someone like that when you’re older! Now, if you want to avoid becoming that person, make sure never to use slang whose meaning you don’t know!

Well, that’s actually the coolest!

As children, we all have big dreams. We want to be successful, and we want to have our own things, including a nice car. Those dreams don’t really change as we get older; they just get more ambitious, right? 

Image courtesy of Quarry_Rock/Twitter

However, as we get older, we also realize that having a bunch of luxury stuff is not that fulfilling. There’s also joy in the simplest things in life, such as riding a bike to work or taking a walk around the block. Also, if getting older means we’ll stop driving cars that pollute the planet and start riding bikes, sign us up — because that’s actually a really good thing!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about older people? Yeah, it’s bingo. Instead of going out to a club or to a pub, we start having fun while spending our evenings at bingo. But who said that bingo isn’t fun?

Image courtesy of michelleayres97/Twitter

Lots of people tend to think that bingo nights are boring and lifeless, but that’s not exactly accurate. Bingo nights have music, lively chatter, people dancing — just people having fun! That’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed that now that you’re getting older, bingo is your favorite event to attend!

I didn’t even make a lot of effort!

Isn’t it kind of crazy to think that we were once so strong and full of life and then we start becoming weaker as we get older, even if we exercise regularly? The human body is a great mystery, and we wish that things were a bit different!

Image courtesy of KateWhineHall/Twitter

As Twitter user Kate Hall graciously puts it, getting older is awesome. Though it is, in fact, really cool to get older and wiser, this tweet contains a strong dose of irony! Running in place for just a few seconds should not cause this much pain, but that’s what happens when you get older!

Property Brothers, here I come!

As we get older, we start enjoying things we never thought we would. For instance, HGTV shows become incredibly entertaining and addicting, and we can’t stop watching them. Does that happen to you as well? We all wish our homes would be featured in one of those shows!

Image courtesy of females/Twitter

There was a time that only older people liked these types of TV shows. However, times are always changing — and now even people in their 20s appreciate watching shows like Property Brothers and House Hunters. We guess now we can say we’re not as old as people think, right?

Did I just get hurt trying to get better?

Do you know how we mentioned that we get frailer as we get older? And that sometimes you can get hurt while you’re trying to get in shape or to remain healthy? Well, that’s one of the downfalls of getting older — but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good laugh at our own expense!

Image courtesy of thepatrickwalsh/Twitter

Patrick Walsh, the author of the tweet above, certainly had a laugh at his frail bones! This tweet was his way of humorously admitting that he’s aging. Hurting your back when you’ve just hurt your shoulder is something that only happens when you’re getting older. 

Yep. Loved that movie!

If you’ve ever watched a movie with your parents, you’ll undoubtedly relate to this following tweet. Most parents fall asleep halfway through any movie. Even if it’s an action-packed blockbuster, they’ll probably sleep at any given point. And this is definitely a great test to see if you’re getting older yourself!

Image courtesy of KameronSumrall/Twitter

Do you ever fall asleep before a movie is finished? If you don’t, we guess you can still say you’re young. If you can make it halfway through the film without sleeping, you’re on your way to getting older. Now, if you can’t even make it awake to half of the movie, we must inform you that you’re becoming just like your parents!

Don’t we all?

Our concerns are mostly about what we’re going to be in the future during our teenage years. As we become adults, we start worrying about different things, such as paying the bills, keeping our homes tidy, and ensuring that our children will have a good future.

Image courtesy of BePhinomenal/Twitter

There’s one thing about this tweet that isn’t necessarily accurate: we worry about gas prices regardless of our age. Even if you’re a teenager and your parents help you pay for gas, you track gas prices. As adults, we do that even more often, considering that all the money comes from our pockets!

How to proceed now?

For some people, dating older men or women is more interesting than dating people their own age. Older people are more mature and down to earth, whereas people our own age or younger than us can be quite tiring to be around.

Image courtesy of RandomAntics/Twitter

The thing about dating older people is that you’ll get older yourself. What do you do then? For this Twitter user, one of her options is to start visiting different nursing homes in search of the perfect partner. If you’re getting older already, you should take this into consideration!

Can I just lay here for the entire week?

Being a child can feel frustrating sometimes. While our imagination is at its peak, and we can do anything in our mind, we have a pretty limited lifestyle. Children have no money and no freedom, after all. But there’s another thing that children don’t have — and it’s responsibilities!

Image courtesy of shutupmikeginn/Twitter

When we’re young, we can only think of how much we want to grow up. When we grow up, we only wish that we could turn back time and go back to being kids with no worries, no responsibilities, and no chores!

Have I told you that story?

If you haven’t heard the same story about a hundred different times, you probably don’t know any older person. Our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and older friends all seem to enjoy retelling any story they lived years and years ago.

Image courtesy of Cryptoterra/Twitter

Now that you’re getting older, it’s your turn to do the same thing to the younger people in your life. Whether you mistakenly repeatedly tell them a story or you do it on purpose, you’re probably going to have a lot of fun seeing how annoyed people get when you start narrating the events!

How do I use this app?

One of the things about getting older is that you start forgetting things or mistaking things. For instance, you may have trouble texting the right emoji and end up being embarrassed about it. Or you can open the wrong app on your phone and be confused, just like this lady:

Image courtesy of SCbchbum/Twitter

Has that ever happened to you? Because it happens to us several times a day! The good news is that opening a calculator while trying to set the alarm or opening the clock app when you try to do some math on your phone is actually pretty common — and young people do it all the time!